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HW Fisher works with a leading global pharmaceutical wholesaler, ANP Pharma. The company specialises in medical and pharmacy products and services the marine, aviation, oil and gas industries as well as providing occupational health, travel health and vaccination services.

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ANP Pharma was using a well-known accounting software provider, but outstripped it following a period of growth. It decided to upgrade its software with the same provider – but soon regretted the decision. Not only was the product significantly more expensive, it was slow, archaic and user acceptance was almost non-existent. Internally described as ‘a beast’, the software did not account for the needs of the company or for future growth plans. With staff completely disengaged, it was time to find a solution, and the company found it in Exact.

“Although it seemed like a natural progression for us to upgrade with our existing software provider, when it came down to it, it wasn’t as intuitive or user-friendly as we hoped. Our employees were demotivated and using just 60 per cent of its functionality – a waste of money and it proved more of a hindrance than a help,” said Amit Patel from ANP Pharma.

The hunt for a solution began

ANP approached HW Fisher who then asked Exact to carry out a demonstration. Following a series of initial scoping calls, Exact came onsite and met multiple times with key decision makers in order to fully understand not only its current requirements, but future growth plans and functionalities it may need in order to future-proof its accountancy software.

The face-to-face sessions sometimes lasted up to three hours and included demonstrations and scenario walkthroughs of different features. Exact invested significant time to ensure that it was the best fit, and could cover and adapt to all ANP Pharma’s requirements, both now and on the horizon.

ANP Pharma signed up for Exact’s Wholesale and Distribution Advanced Suite in October 2015. At less than half the price of its previous software provider, it made a massive cost saving. The remote set-up and staggered implementation process was seamless, and included monthly training sessions until the launch in mid-January 2016.

The positive change was obvious from day one

Regular training sessions ensured staff were on-board from the outset, putting user acceptance at 100 per cent. Exact’s tailored implementation package means that not only are members of the team engaged, but they are also using all of the functionalities - getting the most out of the software, and therefore getting great value for money.

What is especially beneficial to ANP Pharma is how Exact’s software is industry tailored. With Exact, ANP Pharma can allocate batch numbers and monitor expiry dates in stock modules. This provides traceability, allowing it to keep track/ recall products if needs be, as well as perform stock ageing analyses, which are particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry.

These functionalities allow ANP Pharma to separate the two very different sides of its business in a clear manner, allowing it to create more thorough reports. This has bought great clarity to the business, the results of which have definitely been seen and felt.

Exact’s three-tiered solutions mean that when ANP Pharma outgrows the Advanced Suite, it can easily upgrade to the Premium Suite with no hassle. It is already looking at increasing web store sales and barcoding with the help of the Exact App Centre, which easily integrates with its current software.
To ensure that ANP Pharma is always getting the best out of the software, Exact has a manned support desk where users can come with any questions. It also has regular check-in calls to see how people are getting on and offers training where needed.

HW Fisher is a top 25 accountancy firm with a personal, partner-led service aimed at entrepreneurial small and medium sized entreprises (SMEs) through to large corporates and high-net worth individuals.

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