Optimise your workflow with next-generation efficiency

As an accountant, you're expected to continually meet deadlines and exceed expectations. So success is all about staying in control. You need to know who is responsible for delivering any given task, by when, what information they need and where they're at right now.

The cost of leaving things half finished

It’s been shown that up to 30% of total operational costs can be attributed to tasks left half-finished for whatever reason. Maybe a customer handed over the wrong files, or someone simply never got around to passing on the work to a colleague.

Everything you need, always in reach

Our new Task Management will help you put a stop to all that. It's designed to keep you effortlessly on top of each aspect of every project at all times, from regular and recurring activities to ad-hoc one-off jobs. And because it’s part of Exact, you can access all the information you need whether you're at your desk or on a mobile device.

Move to the next level of efficiency

Use the Service button on the project card to create new services and all related tasks will be automatically generated – and all with the right recurrence. You can now also add your own specific CRM-related task types via the master data. And the Task overview displays everything you need to know, meaning complete insights are just a glance away.

New year, no problem

Starting a new financial year? Simply copy the current project into a new project for the new year and the same services, tasks and deadlines will all automatically appear.

Accurate invoicing and maximum profitability

Other updates include some significant improvements to Time & Billing – many based on direct feedback from accountants. For example, the new Service button lets you keep tighter control over your budgets. Previously, you could only monitor actual hours against estimates on a project level. Now you can do the same for individual services or tasks.

Adding extra time to fixed price assignments

We all know how easily a fixed price project can take up more time than originally agreed. So it's vital to accurately record these extra hours to ensure that you're paid accurately, as well as to inform quotes for similar work in the future. Before? You needed to create an additional invoice term without time entry, or an additional time-based project. Now? You can add the extra time to the original fixed price project and invoice it all in one go.

Clear, consolidated invoicing

When it comes to invoicing, clients want to see what they're paying for quickly and clearly. So you can now also consolidate figures by project, employee, hour type/service or period. A neat preview instantly displays the results of the chosen consolidation, one of which is an easy to read invoice that avoids information overload.

Automatically generate invoice terms

Tired of manually filling in individual invoice terms? New Time & Billing lets you automatically generate the relevant information based on the amount and the number of invoice terms, freeing up more time to spend on billable tasks instead.

Get started with these innovations

Time & Billing and Task Management are both part of Exact for Accountancy Premium. If you aren't yet benefiting from this edition, you can upgrade here or give it a try - completely free of charge.

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