The Biz Box: Wholesale

Reduce inventory costs, Yes! But how?

Written by Auke Hylarides on . Posted in Wholesale

New targets to improve margins. You want to reduce your inventory costs. How can you achieve that without compromising the level of service? How do you strike the right balance between purchasing, inventory costs and having to turn customers away because you are out of stock? What is the optimum level?

Fighting off the evolving copycats

Written by Jarno van Hurne on . Posted in Wholesale

China remains an important off-shore country – for production, for purchasing and increasingly for sales. That said, many entrepreneurs doing business there, and even some who aren’t, continue to carry the same warning: beware of copycats. Why is that? And what can be done about it?

The 7 pillars of successful supply chain integration

Written by Jan-Mark Maas on . Posted in Wholesale

Why do some manufacturers now prefer to buy from Dutch suppliers? It’s because sustainable competitive advantage is no longer just about the lowest possible purchase price, but about ‘lean co-operation’ throughout the supply chain. Outsourcing to the low-wage countries is becoming a thing of the past. Faster time-to-market and more flexibility to move with demand – that’s now the primary focus.

Wholesale of the future

Written by Bram Streefkerk on . Posted in Wholesale

We have already seen countless trend reports and top five lists for 2017 for wholesale, distribution and supply chain. These predictions all seem to have one thing in common: namely the observation that change is the only constant. Digital is the new normal, and you must embrace these changes as quickly as possible as an entrepreneur: eat or be eaten.

Is your business model drone-ready?

Written by Jarno van Hurne on . Posted in Wholesale

According to a recent survey in the UK, 42% of companies in the logistics sector expect that their business will eventually incorporate unmanned air vehicles. Given that it’s now possible to buy a drone for less than €100, the use of this technology is rapidly becoming more than a pipe dream. For some, that future isn’t very far away.

Is software the key to a leaner office?

Written by Marlous de Klerk on . Posted in Wholesale

Over the last weeks we’ve been discussing the idea of bringing lean principles to the back office – the things to think about during planning, and the key considerations for starting an implementation. With this in mind, just how important is getting the right software solution behind you?

The supply chain – cost centre or revenue engine?

Written by Richard Francis on . Posted in Wholesale

The traditional picture of the supply chain often depicts a cash guzzling monster. As a result, when considering their logistic processes, many businesses have focused primarily on stopping it from eating up their hard earned profits. Reducing operating costs and limiting damage to the P&L were the order of the day, managers sniffing out opportunities to stretch the margin by streamlining here or trimming there.