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5 tips for linking administrations in different countries

Written by Michiel Bos on . Posted in Services

Did you know that in Southern Europe, VAT has to be withheld and paid towards invoices from freelancers? And did you know that the financial year runs from April to March in Japan? And that the German Finanzamt requires data from your administration to be submitted in a specific format? These might not be the most appealing aspects of international business, but you will encounter them if you have offices abroad. How do you link the administrations of your international offices with one another? We give you five tips to make your life easier.

The 5 biggest advantages of mobile hour entry

Written by Michiel Bos on . Posted in Services

Consultants register, on average, 15% fewer hours than they’ve actually spent with their customers (Source: M&C (in Dutch)). That’s a obviously not ideal from a financial perspective, creating a pressing need to make hour registration simpler for the consultant. The solution? Mobile apps. Here we go into detail, looking at the 5 most important benefits for adopting hour registration via the smartphone.

Project planning – once bitten, twice shy!

Written by Richard Francis on . Posted in Services

Making the same mistake twice should be unforgivable, yet it happens all the time. Delays, over-spends and unexpected third party hires are all unpleasant, but never more so than when it’s happened before for the same reason. With this in mind, what can professional services companies do to ensure their operations continue to improve with experience?

Create the right Work Breakdown Structure

Written by Michiel Bos on . Posted in Services

When companies begin working with work breakdown structures, they can struggle to pin down the appropriate level of detail required for an effective overview. Some find they become so bogged down in details that effectively executing the work becomes impossible, while others leave the plans at too high a level for them to be of any practical value.

New project management solution? 6 key areas to think about.

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For consultancy businesses it’s essential that they are able to tightly manage the progress of a project. When every project involves a degree of risk, relevant information needed to manage that risk can’t only be stored in the laptop or head of the project manager. The key is to ensure that the necessary data is available to all, something made possible with the appropriate project management IT solution. The question is, how do you choose the right one?

The 5 challenges for every professional service provider

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Professional service provision remains under pressure despite the overall improvements in the global economy. It’s a project business. But what exactly the projects consist of, and how they need to run - well, opinions can certainly vary. Customers expect increasing levels of flexibility, co-operation and transparency. And then the organization itself also needs to try and run as smoothly as it can – a fact that’s sometimes not given quite the attention it deserves.

Navigate safely in international waters

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People have been making maps for thousands of years. Of their local environment, important routes and own property. From the Babylonian clay tablets, to the GPS system in your car, we’ve continually been busy with working out where we are, and planning how to get where we want to go. Sadly though, if you want to take your business over the border, a map of roads, rivers and territorial borders isn’t going to be enough to ensure a successful journey.

Process optimization: Why BPM needs your attention

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Services

Business Process Management (BPM): it’s an important subject for every business. Unfortunately, the organization of core business processes often fails to get the attention it deserves; be it through insufficient time or the feeling that there isn’t much room for improvement left. That improvement is usually possible though, and in many cases seriously necessary.

Professional Services Key Trends: Internationalization

Written by Michiel Bos on . Posted in Services

Whilst small professional services firms remain in the majority, many of the businesses that dominate the sector have successfully realized growth in volume and complexity through geographical expansion. Whether organically or through M&A, they have successfully sought out new opportunities abroad and committed to creating genuine in-country presence overseas.