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Every pound you save is pure profit

Written by Edward Burgers on . Posted in Financials

Many organisations miss the opportunity to make major savings on their procurement, says Edward Burgers, Head of Global Procurement at Exact. “Companies which structure their Purchase to Pay processes (P2P) can add a few percent to their profit. And if you invest your savings into a good procurement team, you’ll earn double.”

Are we underestimating the impact of technology in finance?

Written by Robêrt de Gier on . Posted in Financials

‘If the financial professional doesn’t act quickly, disruption will ensue.’ Last week, the Free University and The Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA), two Dutch educational institutions, published findings that the financial role is ripe for disruption. In their research, they addressed the questions of what the impact of technology on the finance role is, the current extent of the application of Robotics and Data Analytics (RDA) in the financial role and how this will change the required knowledge and competences of the financial professional. Conclusion: the majority of financial professionals underestimate the impact of technology in their work.

What are the 4 ‘hot’ topics for the CFO agenda in 2017?

Written by Robêrt de Gier on . Posted in Financials

Robotics, machine learning, blockchain- all technologies which cause disruption and spark digital transformation. 2016 could well be described as the year in which technological developments gained a foothold in both boardroom planning and management publications. If the trend gurus are to be believed, there are some big changes on the horizon. But what’s realistic? And what time frame are we talking about? What are the hot topics that should be on every CFO’s strategic agenda in 2017?

Opposites attract: the happy relationship between HR and Finance

Written by Robêrt de Gier on . Posted in Financials

We’re all familiar with the classic scenario: ask HR and finance to compile a list of staff members and you’ll undoubtedly get two versions which don’t match. Whereas finance talks about FTEs and expenses, HR is all about headcount and people, meaning we can end up getting lost in translation. But isn’t it time we started combining forces more often?

No hands accounting is a journey, not a destination

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Far-reaching digitisation is the new standard in finance. Smart, fully automated processes eliminate manual transactions and complex spreadsheets. No hands accounting, as it’s known at Exact. Exact CFO Onno Krap, and Kevin Mottard, manager of the Dutch CFO community at Alex van Groningen, explain the radical impact of digitisation on companies.

Big data: a CFO’s best friend? Only with the right KPIs.

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Financial managers who are searching for ways to work faster and smarter are exploring the potential of big data. Big data undoubtedly has a lot to offer the financial manager. But not ‘just like that’. It’s possible to have a mountain of data, but that mountain is of little value without the strategy and the tools to convert the data into useable insights.

Five reasons why the CFO should be called the Digital CFO from now on

Written by Joost van Koot on . Posted in Financials

The digital economy is everywhere. There is no sector that is not (directly or indirectly) influenced by new technologies. New business models are driven by the Cloud, mobile, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Big Data. Five reasons why CFOs have to reinvent themselves as Digital CFOs to grapple with these developments.