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Five reasons to switch to the private cloud

Written by Michiel Beek on . Posted in Business

For years, business cloud adoption has lagged behind our enthusiasm as private consumers for services such as Spotify, Netflix, Gmail and Dropbox. But business cloud use is on the rise. For the skeptics among you, we've listed five benefits of the private cloud.

American company RightScale carried out a global cloud survey in which 59% of SMEs claimed to use cloud services. Another 34% were exploring their options or doing initial tests and only 7% showed no interest or had no plans at all to use business cloud services.

The survey illustrated numerous unfounded preconceptions regarding business cloud services. Starting cloud users are anxious about security issues and problems in making the switch, while more experienced companies don’t perceive this as a problem.

So for the skeptics among you: here are five reasons to switch your business software to the private cloud:

1. The private cloud is secure

Cyber security, or more specifically the lack of it, is receiving a lot of media attention. The fact that we’re connecting more systems and devices to one another and the internet means that hacks and virus attacks potentially have more impact. Those who run systems on their own servers must ensure they also have in-house expertise to keep these servers constantly up-to-date. By purchasing your business software as a private cloud service, these worries can be outsourced. Security isn’t something that cloud providers do on the side; security is their core business. Read more about private cloud security here.

2. The private cloud offers convenience

Switching to the private cloud offers access to information and applications from anywhere, anytime. From laptops, tablets or smartphones, and from anywhere in the world. No local software, no forgotten updates. Everyone has the latest version and correct information, all the time. And the best thing is: all of this is taken care of without you having to worry about it.

3. The private cloud offers flexibility

Your company is growing. Or shrinking. Or changing direction. In any case, it is changing constantly. By switching to private cloud business software, you are able to react to changes in your company. You easily connect or disconnect users and only use and pay for that which you use. Not more, or less than that.

4. The private cloud makes unforeseen costs a thing of the past

For business software in the private cloud you pay a fixed monthly fee. This makes costs transparent and predictable compared to using your own server, where total costs include server maintenance, license costs and additional services. And don’t forget the labour costs which are spent on these. Think of it like leasing a car: all costs, even the unforeseen ones, are included in your fixed monthly amount, meaning there are never any nasty surprises.

5. The private cloud offers maximum performance

For all private cloud solutions, Exact works together with Parentix, which is affiliated with the Dutch Hosting Provider Association (DHPA). Our data centre has been set up according to the latest standards and is managed by experts in the area of security and infrastructure. This ensures the quality and continuity which are needed to use your software without issue– in many cases even faster than you’re used to.