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Experience the convenience of the private cloud

Written by Michiel Beek on . Posted in Business

Everyone understands the benefits of leasing a car. You don’t have to worry about maintenance or unexpected costs. Anyone who drives a lease car should really migrate their business software to the cloud today, because the same benefits apply. And more.

You never have to worry about maintenance, back-ups or updates

Switching to private cloud business software means no more installing and updating software yourself. Server maintenance, hardware replacement, security worries, backing-up; all of this is outsourced in a single move. Your data is always available for all employees, without you having to worry about it.

Access to your business software, anytime, anywhere

With your business software in the cloud, you’re no longer bound to the computer the software is installed on. Thanks to the cloud, you can access your data anytime, anywhere. From any browser, via your telephone, tablet, laptop or PC. Suppose you're at the bank, accountants or notary and need to access your financial results straight away? No problem. Are you with a customer and searching for a document or invoice? Instant access. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can gain quick and easy access from anywhere.

A flexible subscription that moves along with you

Cloud subscriptions are just as flexible as you are. Is your company growing, or are you taking a step back? No problem. You can always connect or disconnect users. Even if you open a new location (abroad) or want to conquer a new industry, your Exact private cloud effortlessly scales up and down with you. Working in the cloud is that flexible.

Making the switch to the private cloud is easy

It’s easy to switch to the private cloud. As soon as you have a clear overview of what you want to move, we’ll schedule the migration for a time that suits you best. The downtime is usually less than an hour!

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