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Switching to the private cloud is quick, easy and hassle-free

Written by Michiel Beek on . Posted in Business

Many people know the private cloud is more secure, easier to use and more flexible than on-premise software, but they’re discouraged by the apparent hassle of actually making the switch. But don’t worry! The whole process can be implemented within two hours.

As an existing Exact customer, you’re using our solutions on your own server or with a hosting provider. In both cases it’s possible to make the switch to our private cloud. In the private cloud, we can manage all Exact applications and those of our permanent software partners.

The switch is quick, easy and hassle-free. After consultation, we’ll set out a time schedule whereby we can arrange the migration at a time that suits you. After a brief downtime, users can access exactly the same functionalities and interface, enabling them to pick up from where they left off. The only differences are a new login and the possibility to work from any location.

Flawless implementation

ASML subsidiary Cymer was one of the first Exact customers to make the switch to the private cloud and they’re happy to have done so. Marco de Leeuw, Finance Director at Cymer, was pleasantly surprised about how easy it was. “The implementation was flawless. I received the user IDs and the instructions to access the private cloud a day or two after we returned the contract. After I mailed the database, it was in the private cloud within 2 hours. We could get down to business immediately!”

Customised work

Many Exact customers work with a solution specifically designed for the processes, needs and practices of the company, often including applications from our software partners. It’s important to decide in advance exactly what you want to migrate, to enable the switch to go smoothly. We’re happy to discuss all available options with you.