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Support your intuition with data

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An increasing number of companies use data to make decisions. This is a smart move because figures often reveal opportunities that others can easily miss. How do you utilise your data efficiently? Two data specialists share their vision. “Data cannot be a substitute for leadership.

The future of the working individual

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The rapid development of computers and robots will radically transform the employment market. This offers opportunities, including for entrepreneurs, says Randstad’s Marjolein ten Hoonte. “It’s about imagination and how you translate that to your own company.”

The Randstad Group head office in Diemen, the Netherlands, is a classic example of ‘the new way of working’. Visitors no longer have to wait for employees to come and collect them with an access pass. The entire ground floor is accessible to everyone. Just like the employees and clients of the company, visitors can go there to meet, work, drink coffee and eat lunch. This is a logical consequence of technologisation, says Marjolein ten Hoonte, labour market and CSR director at the company. “Although your location might not be relevant any more for your job, working people still want to meet each other.”

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – what does it mean for your company?

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Digitisation is rapidly changing the world. On the one hand, it’s making life easier. On the other hand, all this data carries its own risks, and in particular in the area of privacy. That makes it an important issue for the European Union, which is the reason behind the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), legislation which affects countless medium-sized companies.