Exact UK announces Exact JobBoss benefits for Job Shop & Contract Manufacturers

With flexible multi-tiered licensing and implementation options JobBOSS scales to meet the changing needs of a business

Apr 19, 2011 – London, UK. 19 April 2011 Exact, a leading provider of business software solutions, announces enhanced options for JobBOSS, a solution specifically designed to meet the diverse needs and budget requirements of job shops and contract manufacturers.

To accommodate the varying levels of technical expertise and experience of companies in the process of selecting and implementing job shop software, Exact is introducing three distinct packages allowing companies to select the offering that best fits their business:

JobBOSS Starter Edition is the entry level designed specifically for shops that require a simple way to track jobs from quoting to delivery. JobBOSS Starter Edition can be easily installed without requiring a professional software consultant, helping shop owners bring job control processes into an organised and controlled computerised environment quickly and easily.

JobBOSS Professional Edition supports prototype and production environments, which includes repeat parts, one time or one off parts and/or mixed-mode manufacturing. This allows shop owners to manage the chaos by quoting to customer-driven requirements without sacrificing the flexibility to make changes on the fly to quantities, routings, materials, production schedule and deliveries. This package could be linked to existing accounting packages or can be ordered with the Exact Globe financial modules.

JobBOSS Enterprise Edition is designed for companies looking for more extensive job control. It offers more complete business process management and automation with integrated Customer Relationship Management, Workflow and Document Management, Business Activity Monitoring and Advanced Scheduling. JobBOSS Enterprise Edition can be enhanced with an Advanced Quality configuration for businesses that need integrated quality control.

With the multi-tiered approach, Exact provides a way for organisations to achieve benefits with JobBOSS at the level that fits their business today with a simple and cost effective way to redeploy a different level of the JobBOSS solution as the business grows.

“Today, job requirements may be predictable, but tomorrow’s market opportunities may require variable pricing, routings and scheduling. With JobBOSS, a job shop can be confident in their investment in technology because they’ll know from the start that we have the solution to support them as their business grows and evolves,” says Wayne Dewsnap, Managing Director for Exact UK. “The new features in JobBOSS such as the Serialisation module will help smaller manufacturers meet the requirements of new markets and pursue new revenue streams for the business, as well as a self-install wizard which was designed to accelerate the time necessary to start up and quote, schedule and deliver jobs.”

For larger international organisations Exact offers Exact Globe and Exact Synergy, a full suite ERP solution that provides organisations with deeper insight into the operational health of their business - across all departments, customers and suppliers.