ProQuro purchasing software

Manage expenses, improve compliance and increase your margins by gaining a better overview of your costs.

Full invoice processing

Use ProQuro Invoicing to fully automate all invoice processing, from the receipt of the invoice to its approval. Suppliers can submit invoices electronically in XML or Excel formats. You can digitalise and import data from paper invoices or PDFs using sophisticated 'scanning and recognition' OCR technology. ProQuro Invoicing then identifies the appropriate purchasing order and receipts or declarations of performance, and compares this information to the invoice. This matching can involve either a two-way (order, invoice) or three-way match (order, performance, invoice). After completing the matching procedure and processing any deviations, the invoice data is submitted to your financial system in the shape of a journal entry.

In this way you can save considerably on the time required to process the invoices for your purchasing orders. Furthermore, the amount of information available in digital format facilitates a critical analysis of your purchasing costs.


  • Fully automated invoice processing
  • Significant time savings
  • No more lost invoices
  • Invoice processing that saves on costs
  • More insight into supplier performance
  • Links to financial systems

Optimise your purchasing process

ProQuro purchasing software offers optimal automation solutions for your entire purchasing process. For every product group, from the initial request to the checking and validation of the invoice. Order approvals and budget checks ensure that no-one commits to unauthorised obligations.

First, you define the approval process in ProQuro. Orders are submitted to contracted suppliers using a secure internet connection. You can record catalogues based on SAP OCI round trips or our unique PunchOut Layer, request forms and any and all commitments. Internal order processing takes place entirely by electronic means, including receipts, approval and validation. Moreover, ProQuro can link to existing back-office systems without a problem.


  • Control over the entire purchasing process
  • Significant savings on purchasing and processing costs
  • Insight into workflows
  • Comprehensive insight into purchasing portfolios and supplier performance
  • Instant availability of over 100 catalogues (round trips) for various suppliers

Insight into your contract portfolio

Proper contract management starts with insight into all existing contracts and offers a solid foundation for managing and updating your contract portfolio. ProQuro Contract Management supports both the central management and local use of your contracts. This contract information forms the basis for your purchasing and ordering process. Recurring obligations such as lease agreements are also easily recorded as well.

In this way you create a comprehensive overview of all your outstanding commitments. Flexible contract templates are available for each purchasing segment. The system generates alerts automatically when contracts are due for renewal or termination, for example.


  • Organised overview and management of all types of contracts
  • Avoid tacit renewals
  • Maximise economies of scale
  • Improved risk management

Monitor hiring of temporary staff

ProQuro Staffing supports your entire hiring process, from the initial contact with staffing agencies to the digital processing and invoicing of time sheets. Your hired staff (whether temps or outsourced workers) submit their own digital time sheets, subject to the contractually agreed terms.

First, you define the approval process in ProQuro Staffing. The system then ensures that the appropriate procedures are followed. Once the approval process is complete, the digital time sheets are submitted electronically to the relevant staffing or outsourcing agency. Based on this information, the temp agency creates an invoice which corresponds to the hours and rates you approved. The received invoice can now be checked and paid entirely by electronic means.


  • More efficient hiring of temporary staff
  • Simplify administrative processes
  • Prevent errors
  • Improved matching for invoices

Custom reports

ProQuro bases its analyses and reports on data that is already present somewhere within your company. This may be contained within the various ProQuro modules, but can also include data from your financial software, integrated business software (ERP), logistics software, scheduling software and more.

To be able to create connections between all this data, it is stored in a data warehouse. In addition to ProQuro's standard overviews, customer-specific reports on all kinds of relevant information are also possible on request, meaning you can be provided with all the insight you need.


  • One central source of information
  • Create standard or custom reports
  • Improved insight into achievement of purchasing objectives
  • Improved knowledge management

Integration between ProQuro and administrative systems

ProQuro Connect is a universal integration module that uses standard adapters for the most common ERP and financial systems. This fast, flexible solution will connect all available systems and is based on various certified connections.

This provides you with a fast, flexible way to link your purchasing information to your financial and administrative back-office systems. Master data such as creditors, cost centres, cost categories, cost units and budgets can be integrated, while all operational financial information concerning orders, commitments and achievements can be exchanged, too.



  • Universal standard adapters for common ERP and financial systems
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Trouble-free data exchange
  • Service-oriented architecture
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