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Supplier Management

In partnership with VendorLink online supplier management software, ProQuro offers a more professional approach to supplier management. It allows you to support the entire process of monitoring, assessing and guiding supplier performance and managing relationships on strategic, tactical and operational levels. You can also easily create a dashboard based on performance, contract terms and risks.

Vendor Rating and Vendor Management are invaluable in allowing your organisation to gain a comprehensive overview of its suppliers. VendorLink's dashboards integrate fully with ProQuro, providing you with accessible data at any time.

Spend Analysis

Thanks to the collaboration between Exact and VendorLink, dashboards and overviews present you with clear, real-time supplier data and purchasing expenses drawn from your Exact administration. Manual purchasing analyses in Excel based on 'old' purchasing data are therefore a thing of the past. VendorLink's reports provide up-to-date insight on your most important suppliers, alerting your purchasing department to cost-cutting opportunities.

Combine Exact's supplier information with internal feedback from your organisation to generate new insights into supplier performance, contract compliance and purchasing legitimacy. This enables you to make the right decisions, take advantage of strategic purchasing and eliminate procedural bottlenecks. VendorLink offers tailored purchasing analyses, as described below.

Compliance Analysis

The term 'compliance' refers to the observance of applicable laws and regulations. Compliance analysis makes it easy to determine whether European and local rules for tendering have been met, for instance.

Contract Compliance

Gain insight into those purchases governed by contracts. You can supplement the data through your own financial systems or use ProQuro Contract Management. Contract compliance is reported at purchasing package level as well as by cost centre and cost centre group, offering insight into the degree of compliance per business unit.

ABC Analysis/Kraljic Analysis

ABC and Kraljic analyses are valuable ways to create a well-founded overview of expenditures and identify opportunities for improvement and increased efficiency.

Invoicing Efficiency

Invoicing efficiency analyses provide insight at the business and cost centre levels, pinpointing suppliers or purchasing packages with inefficient invoicing processes.

Scanning and Recognition Software (OCR and OCC Software)

In close collaboration with Simac Document Solutions, we offer the OpenText Dokustar OCR solution. Received invoices are scanned, recognised by the OCR software, translated into digital XML messages and imported by ProQuro Invoicing. This solution can achieve up to 80% in savings on processing times and 50% on costs.

First, an invoice is scanned and the data recognised. After scanning and recognition, the automated invoice processing is launched. In the event of order deviations, the invoice is submitted digitally to the authorising officer for digital approval through the workflow. A connection with the financial system is then established for the validation. In this way, your invoices are recorded automatically, saving time and improving your control over the input.

The OpenText OCR software integrates seamlessly with ProQuro Invoicing. The OCR software scans and recognises received invoices without the ProQuro Invoicing user having to use additional displays.

We also offer an OCC solution as an add-on, which includes a verifier. This means that if a field or reference isn't being identified correctly, you can train the software directly for even faster and more effective invoice processing.

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