FAQs when purchasing Exact Online

Still not sure about purchasing Exact Online? Read through the special FAQs section first. If you have any questions, please contact us. Customers can go to the Exact Online Help Center to do so.

Getting started with Exact Online

View the system requirements for Exact Online.

In many cases, it is certainly possible to continue where you left off. Discover the handy Exact Online switching service for all the details, including cost-effective switching schemes for entrepreneurs and accountants currently working with older Exact accounting software.

Go to start.exactonline.nl, enter your user name and password and click on 'Log in'.

Exact takes environmental awareness very seriously. For our Exact Online business software, we don't waste any material on cardboard product packaging, plastic installation DVDs or paper manuals.

Our online business software fosters the New Way of Working. It means no longer having to get in the car to drive to the office. Even accountants no longer have to come to our premises. Instead, everyone can log in online and get started – wherever they are.

Exact Online also allows everyone to take advantage of paperless online accounting, online banking and both digital and e-invoicing. The archive can be stored in the cloud, too. This alone saves a lot of trees from having to be cut down.

Hosting is provided by Amazon Web Services in Ireland.

Exact Online security

The data from the Exact Online company accounts is stored by Amazon Web Services in Ireland. Data such as PDFs, images and other files are stored via Microsoft Azure in Ireland and the Netherlands.

Your data is backed up automatically as an emergency measure. For security reasons, it is not possible to provide you with these emergency backups. However, you can create your own backups. To do so, take a look at the Exact Online help documents.

Apart from you and your accountant, no one can make any changes within your account. We have ensured that no one – apart from an extremely restricted number of highly certified system managers – is able to come into contact with your data. All data is stored in an encrypted format, with no involvement from anyone – not even when making an emergency backup.

Exact works with Adyen to make payments as secure as possible. We do not store any credit card information in our databases. The data you enter when you log in is extremely well-encrypted. Adyen also meets the highest security and stability requirements: their payment platform is PCI (Payment Card Industry) Level 1 certified. Read more.

Amazon Web Services has received certification in many areas, and these certificates are upgraded regularly. See https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/programs/ for current certifications.

You can only log in and work in Exact Online if you have a secure connection. This HTTPS connection is used worldwide, including by banks, governments and security services. The connection is encrypted via a crypto key and using a DigiCert SSL certificate. This is a reliable, internationally recognised certificate authority (CA) that serves as a gatekeeper for issuing these types of certificates.

Exact Online supports logging in with a token. This option is available to you. A token is a unique, ever-changing code generated through an Exact Online Digipass. This code changes every 30 seconds.

During the login process, this additional code is requested alongside the user name and password. The Exact Online Digipass – a thumb-sized device – is personal, which means only the owner can use it to log in.

In short, even if someone else discovers your user name and password, they still won't be able to log in to your account. Contact us to request a token.

Article 14 of the Terms and Conditions sets out everything about the availability of Exact Online.

Exact Online is being expanded and updated all the time. We do this at night, as this ensures that virtually no one is affected by the maintenance work. We always announce major maintenance activities well in advance, thus making sure that the stability and reliability of our online business software are not negatively affected.

Exact Online's infrastructure consists of web servers, database systems, network components and more. These are redundantly equipped with automatic failover, meaning that everything is performed twice or even three times. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, a backup system is automatically activated without you noticing.

The speed of our service is extremely important. That's why we run simulations on a daily basis. This involves starting various processes from Amsterdam, Brussels and London. When measuring Exact Online's speed, we look at factors such as the program's response time and the download times of individual pages and data volumes.

We measure the speed using the 'outside-in' method. In short, this means that we test from the perspective of our users. This has the advantage that we immediately notice if there is a decrease in speed and allows us to intervene on time and guarantee a reliable, stable service.

We use the latest caching techniques to improve Exact Online's speed even further. In addition, we use the fastest technology available for data storage purposes.

By displaying this quality mark, the supplier indicates that:

  • Relevant contractual and legal requirements are met
  • The focus is not only on the risk management of the provider(s), but also on security for the customer
  • Customers are justified in placing their trust in the service
  • There is also a basis for trust in using the cloud service for other stakeholders

The basis for issuing a quality mark is a report drawn up by the quality mark holder based on an ISAE 3402 report (hereinafter referred to as the basic report), which describes how the quality mark holder's organisational structure and service provision process are set up and how the Zeker-OnLine set of standards is complied with. A set of standards based on:

  • Existing standards applicable and widely supported in IT, such as the Trust Services Principles and Criteria, Cobit, ISO 27001 and the NCSC Security Guidance
  • Relevant European legislation and regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and WBNI

In total, more than 500,000 Exact Online accounts are active in the Benelux. This is called the 'crowd', and this data is used from the 'crowd' for certain features in Exact Online that promote the company's business performance. This is done on an aggregated (anonymous) basis where the user or any other person cannot be identified in any way (as defined in Article 13.5 of the Exact Online Terms and Conditions).

Examples of features that use aggregated crowd data include:

  • Assigning RGS codes with ease to general ledger accounts based on automated robot suggestions. This is essential for the simple exchange of data using reporting tools, tax applications, and more. It also ensures more accurate robot suggestions and benchmarking due to uniformity around general ledger accounts across company-specific administrative processes.
  • Generating automated robot suggestions and/or allocating general ledger accounts to incoming bank statements and invoices. This ensures that when creating a new, empty account, robot suggestions can be generated directly from aggregated crowd data and no history has to be present for the account itself. It ensures that the account is correct, complete and up to date, which is an important basis for real-time relevant insights and improved business performance.
  • Benchmarking of certain key performance indicators within cockpits in Exact Online. This gives the accountant and entrepreneur a strong overview of their own business operations and how they compare to other companies with the same characteristics (such as sector, sub-sector and company size), which leads to improved business performance.

(Online) training courses

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