Ensure that your Exact software is ready for the future

Step up to the latest technology: Exact Globe+

The plus in Globe+

As an SME and Exact client, you want access to the right numbers at the right time to make the right choices for your company. Now and in the future.

A contemporary look & feel is easier and faster to use

Software should be simple and intuitive, so you and your colleagues can get to work quickly easily. That way you can achieve today's goals and tomorrow's ambitions.

Future-proof technology

In order to work safely and be future-proof, you need the latest technology. That is why we have completely renewed the technology that underlies Exact Globe. We also offer you easy access to familiar features. This means you can continue to rely on Exact's numbers. You can also benefit more quickly from new innovations thanks to the latest technology. This is a platform for the future.

Get started with Exact Globe+

Make the step up to our latest Exact Globe+ product. Your familiar existing software is now fully up to date and ready for the future.


An improved menu structure enables faster, easier navigation. The modern design's icons and colours direct your focus and improve readability.


A new companies overview allows you to pin, sort and look up companies in a flash.


An improved panel with your favourite features lets you work faster than ever.


​A simple, updated interface allows you to filter and find what matters most to you.


A clearly laid-out input screen helps to get your work done faster.

Globe plus navigation
Globe plus administration
Globe plus favorites
Globe plus search
Exact globe invoeren

Want to be one of the first to access the latest software?

Be sure to register for the controlled release by emailing productreadiness@exact.com.


View the most frequently asked questions here.
If your question is not listed, contact us.

  • This new product will roll out in stages. When you receive access depends on your type of licence. Exact will inform the main contact for your company by email.
  • Yes, this will be possible once Exact Globe+ has been made available for your version.
  • You can use the new version of Exact Globe alongside your current one. To do so, you use a test administration in Exact Globe+.
  • Would you like to be part of the controlled release? Be sure to send an email to productreadiness@exact.com.
  • When Exact Globe+ becomes available to you, go to the Support Portal and download the Product Updater there.
  • The preparation and migration are similar to what you are used to for updates. If you have any customised solutions that you have developed together with SDK, please get in touch with your account manager or Exact partner.
  • Exact can also help you in getting started with Exact Globe+. Interested? Please contact us at projectbureau@exact.com.
  • Yes, because Exact Globe+ applies completely new technology, the customization developed with SDK must be adjusted or rebuild. For the associated costs, please contact the supplier of the customization.
  • You will be able to use Exact Globe+ and Exact Globe side by side temporarily. Please note that going forward, innovations will only occur for our latest version: Exact Globe+.

  • Do you and your accountant use backup files in .ebu format? If so, talk to your accountant to work out the best time for you to upgrade. Backups in Exact Globe+ will be in a different format.
  • If you work with your accountant in a different way, nothing will change.
  • It is certainly advisable to switch once Exact Globe+ becomes available to your enterprise. That way you can continue to benefit from the latest functionalities and future updates.
  • Yes, your enterprise will have access to Exact Compact+, with the same technological improvements and updated look & feel.
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