Safe in the cloud anytime, anywhere

More than 675.000 companies already rely on Exact's various cloud solutions. Exact Cloud Services handles Globe+, Synergy and Financials hosting at Exact. In the cloud, your software is always up to date, well-secured and reliable. You can keep an eye on your business processes and have access to your important data from any workplace. Are you curious about the possibilities we can offer your enterprise?

Exact Cloud Services

Exact Cloud Services (ECS)

ECS offers customers their familiar Exact software as a cloud-based service. Globe+, Synergy and Financials are the main solutions supported, with around 40 popular applications from the Exact ecosystem on top of that. The software runs in Exact's environment and is managed by Exact's specialists. Customers use a secure connection to the Exact software to access this Exact Cloud environment from their own company environment.

The benefits of ECS

The ECS service offers a number of benefits compared to the traditional scenario in which customers must install, run and manage Exact software themselves in their own environment:

  • Your software is always up to date, well-secured and reliable.
  • You can rest assured that the environment has been set up in accordance with Exact's standards.
  • You needn't make major investments in hardware or build up your own expertise beforehand.
  • It's no longer necessary for you to have the expertise and experience to maintain the application and associated infrastructure in-house.
Exact Cloud Services

Purchase options

Customers can purchase Globe, Synergy and/or Financials in the cloud directly from Exact or through one of our trusted partners. Our partners often specialise in specific issues or industries and have developed their own custom options and expertise on top of the Exact software. This allows them to offer clear added value for certain types of customers that expands on our standard Exact solutions.

Cloud Service Support

The Exact Cloud Services service desk is available Monday to Thursday from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Fridays from 8.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on +31 (0)15 711 51 00. You can also reach us 24/7 through the Exact Support Portal for help with any of your problems.


No more worries about maintenance, updates or backing up – everything is taken care of automatically. Our team is there to help and will keep your environment running smoothly. By taking on your IT challenges, we let you concentrate on running your business.


Exact Cloud Services allows you to work with our familiar Exact software flexibly and securely, anytime, anywhere. Moreover, you can rest assured that the environment has been set up in accordance with Exact's standards.


Continue to use your familiar existing Exact solution, just in the cloud. Decide for yourself which method is the best fit for your needs and business processes.

Our ECS solutions

  • Plus Platform


    • Exact Globe hosting
    • Exact Synergy hosting
    • Flexible subscriptions and low investment
    • Protected by the best certifications
    • Multi-factor authentication as standard
    • Always work with the latest Exact software versions
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  • Professional Platform

    All features of Plus, and:

    • Full Exact Business Software hosting included
    • Support for 40+ different Exact and Partner add-ons
    • Actively supports use of ELIS
    • Optional premium support i
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  • Financials Platform

    Specifically for Financials:

    • Full Exact Financials solution included
    • Specifically for companies with more administrations, transactions or specialities
    • Optional premium support i
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