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Exact Online Accounting

The maximum permitted annual depreciation of company buildings depends on the company building's valuation (WOZ), whether you are subject to income tax and the extent of actual business use. Exact Online now allows you to register valuation of the company buildings, the corresponding timeframe and the percentage to be taken into account. From now on, company buildings can be correctly depreciated to the minimum value fully automatically.

If you do business with companies that sell goods for you, you are probably faced with sales invoices that also include costs. From now on, you can adjust your settings so that you can combine sales and purchase lines in a single sales entry for which the VAT is based on the selected general ledger account rather than the entry type. This allows you to reconcile the payment in one go without disrupting the VAT declaration process.

Attention ABN AMRO and ING customers: the new generation of automated PSD2 bank feeds is now also available to your bank! This enables you to receive your latest transactions at least four times a day and stay fully in control of the access to your bank.

Exact Online Accounting Premium

A new edition has been added to Exact Online Accounting: the Premium edition. It was specifically designed for growing organisations who need to work with multiple companies in a smarter and more efficient way. It will give you more insight, allow you to work more efficiently and offer more opportunities to adapt the software to your own procedures. Exact Online Accounting Premium is now available in a controlled release.

We have added several multi-company functionalities that give you insight across companies and enable you to work with multiple companies in an easier, more automated way. A central hub has been introduced for easy searching, analysis and reporting.

In the coming months, we will be adding many more functionalities to Exact Online Accounting Premium. One example is a Power BI Connector with a number of standard templates to gain direct access to all your Exact Online data and convert this data into clear and visual reports. Another example is the automation of manual operations with Business Process Automation. In addition, you can customize the software even more by adding fields to entries, for example.

Exact Online Accountancy

Exact Online Annual Accounts contains the new taxonomies version. From now on, it is also possible to execute a year-on-year work programme. This allows you to transfer data from the previous record and add tasks to your work programme to make the standard work programme customer-specific. This allows you to develop all your assignments in a standardised way.

Indicators are automated checks that verify that a customer administration is correct, complete and reliable. They use predefined criteria to check accounting processing and developments once or several times a day. The more complex a customer administration becomes, the more indicators you can set up. This excellent tool helps you to avoid errors in the administration. How does it benefit you? It will save you time!

We have added the document download option. You have two options: download the files in a ZIP file or export them directly to the right SharePoint file. The advantage of this option is that you export the files directly. We have created a separate option for sales invoices that you copy directly to the customer's SharePoint file.

Exact Online Manufacturing Premium

Our latest edition of Exact Online Manufacturing Premium allows growing manufacturing companies plenty of transactions and advanced processes so that they can continue to benefit from all the advantages of Exact Online. Exact Online Manufacturing Premium offers: More insight thanks to built-in, customisable Power BI dashboards; Extensive functions, such as stock reservation and extended MRP; More customisation with the option of adding additional fields and menus yourself; Greater efficiency through process automation.

Exact Online Manufacturing Premium has a large number of out-of-the-box dashboards. These include a sales, purchasing and stock dashboard, but also a manufacturing dashboard. A Microsoft Power BI licence enables you to use the dashboards directly and customise them to your enterprise's needs. It allows you to display the information exactly how it best suits your enterprise.

Every enterprise is different. That's why the new Premium edition offers the possibility to adapt the software to your enterprise. You can add extra fields to master files and transactions with your own logic. You can also add menus, filters and more. For example, you can use the fields to save additional information in the order or under your items to keep the software up to date. It offers you a customized solution with all the benefits of standard software.

Exact Online Manufacturing/ Wholesale Distribution

Exact Online Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing Professional already allowed you to assign an approver of sales orders and quotes. From now on, it is also possible to approve purchase orders. Purchase orders are presented for approval based on a new role. This allows you to make a distinction between your enterprise's purchase order entry and approvals. This is a feature that our community has specifically asked for.

From now on, you can use Incoterms in Exact Online Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing Professional. Incoterms allow you to define who is responsible for which steps of international transport. You can now easily set the Incoterms on both the purchasing and sales side. You can also link standard Incoterms to accounts and display the relevant Incoterms on layouts.

If you have multiple sales channels, it's important to know where your revenue comes from. You need to find out what sales are generated by POS, marketplaces, various webstores, a B2B portal, email and more. You can now track specific sales channels in Exact Online Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing Professional. You can do this by filtering the sales margin and sales analysis reports by sales channel. This will give you even more insight into where your revenue comes from.

Exact Online Projects Premium

We have added a new edition to Exact Online Projects. We created this latest edition especially for service providers who want to operate in an even smarter and more efficient way. It will give you more insight, allow you to work more efficiently and offer more opportunities to adapt the software to your own procedures. Exact Online Projects Premium is now available in a controlled release.

Exact Online Projects Premium gives you even more detailed insight into the development of your projects and costs. You can use the included Exact Online Power BI Connector to directly access all your data from Exact Online, from hours worked to the work still to be invoiced. Power BI then converts this data into clear and visual reports that show the exact status of your projects, margins, rates, capacity and productivity.

Exact Online Projects Premium increases your organisation's efficiency by automating manual actions through the automatic entry or approval of working hours, closing of projects and more.

Exact Online Projects Premium also gives you extra options to adapt the standard Exact Online software to your desired way of working. You can expand the standard software with additional fields, your own logic, menus and more. For example, you can add extra information on the project card or expand the standard menus.

Exact Online Construction

When you are working on a project, it is important to meet all the quality requirements. The Quality Assurance function in Exact Online Construction Professional allows you to easily collect and maintain all your quality assurance data in one place. You can also export and send this data to any quality assurance companies.

To pay the invoices for the construction site contacts, you need their contact details. These details are stated in the Wka documents, which you can now save in Exact Online Construction. You can also enter the document expiry date at the same time. If the Wka document expires for a certain supplier or subcontractor, the invoice will automatically become non-payable.

The construction industry is all about projects. The new timeline in Exact Online Construction Professional always keeps everyone up to date on the project status. It also shows you the related quotes and invoices. You can create appointments, to-do lists and notes. You can use these functions to create a note on a phone call and the tasks resulting from it, for instance.

Exact Online No hands Accounting

From now on, you will receive a warning when the payment reference or the amount for deferred costs has not been entered in the entry proposal. It is checked whether this has been done for previous invoices from the supplier in question. You will also receive a notification if an applicable currency exchange rate has not been filled in and you will be notified of any sales invoices with a different amount.

As an accountant, you can use entry templates in Exact Online. This is useful in case of recurring invoices for which you want to split costs across several general ledger accounts or cost centres. From now on, these entry templates will also be taken into account when creating entry proposals so that you can be sure that the proposed entry has been filled in correctly.

When assigning bank statement lines, the first (best) suggestion is almost always chosen. The best suggestion is now always assigned to save time and manual work. In order to stay in control, the 'requires attention' status has been added for any statement lines you probably want to check. This status is assigned if there are partial payments or several suggestions, for example.

Exact Online Payroll

You don't need the functionality often, but when you do, it's very handy to have this salary audit file option. It makes the check as efficient as possible for you and the tax inspector.

'Has our collective labour agreement been updated yet?' We get that question a lot in January. Fortunately, the pension premiums were all updated on 6 January this year. And of course, the changes to the laws and regulations have also been implemented in the software.

Exact Online HR has been up and running for a year now, but its development never stops. For example, last year we added some new fields to the integration between payroll and HR. We have also implemented some employee templates. This means that if you create a DGA in HR, for example, we make sure that the correct premiums instantly appear in Exact Online Salary!

Exact Online HR

The annual performance reviews are approaching. This will be no different at your company. That's why we have added some new features to the Exact Online HR performance module. Besides recording and sharing conversations, you can also add questionnaires to a conversation to be completed by the employee or manager. You can also indicate that a report is ready to be signed by the employee.

'It has been possible to accrue leave, requests and approvals automatically or manually in Exact Online HR for some time. Now we have expanded the leave functionality with several accrual options. For example, it is now also possible to accrue leave for employees who are paid by the hour. You can also accrue leave proportionately based on a part-time employment factor. As a result, you can now use the leave functionality for all your employees.

Some requests may not be available when your manager is off sick. That's why it is now possible to add a second manager for an employee. This second manager can approve the employee's requests in the first manager's absence. This is useful for requests about leave or declarations, for example.

Exact Globe+

Exact Globe+ is the new version of Exact Globe. The backend has been completely redesigned but still offers all the usual features. Now Exact Globe+ can also work with the 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office. Previously, these had to be removed first and the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office had to be installed. The new adjustment allows you to simply add Exact Globe+ without first activating the other Office version. This functionality is very sought after by many of our customers. It makes the installation of the Exact software quicker and easier. It has also made the use of Office products faster.

Exact Globe+ offers you the opportunity to set up digital connections with other solutions. Extra SDK options have been added to make it easier to create your own bank formats and customised layouts. As a developer, you can develop company-specific automated bank feeds yourself. For a foreign bank with a specific bank format, for instance. You can also carry out essential checks for the feed, such as bank number verification.

If you do business internationally, you need to comply with local laws and regulations that are constantly changing. Exact Globe+ offers you continuous updates on upcoming legal requirements in many countries. You will receive product updates with improvements and changes each month to make sure you comply with the legislation of the countries you are operating in. This release also contains many year-end changes to ensure you get off to a good start in 2023.

Exact Synergy

Microsoft no longer supports Basic Authentication for SMTP in Exchange Online. OAuth authentication is therefore required to keep sending emails via Exchange Online. This is now possible. The system administrator can easily retrieve the IDs from Microsoft Azure to then enter them in the Synergy settings. The advantage: improved security.

In the past, web user controls were used to select and upload files in Exact Synergy Enterprise. Depending on the controls and usage, there were different types of validations, including those by file type and size. However, there was no central mechanism for the administrator to determine what file types are allowed. A whitelist for file attachments and uploads is now available.

We are pleased to announce that, as of product update PU500, a best practice file is available in controlled release for the Exact Occupational Health and Service Integration solution. In addition, various improvements have been made, Zorg van de Zaak is supported via the web service, the integration has been updated to the SIVI 2022 standard and changes have been made to the employee messages and absence notifications.

Exact Financials

You can now add a Mollie payment link to invoices in Exact Financials. This allows the recipient to pay by iDEAL in just a few clicks. This improves your cash flow and gets your outgoing invoices paid more quickly.

Previously, a financial year had to be opened separately for each customer administration. From now on, you can open all companies with the same period-date table and the same highest financial year in one go. This allows you to work even faster in Exact Financials.

The latest version of Exact Financials now offers the option to attach an invoice PDF for an underlying outstanding item to a reminder email in case of late payment, for instance. This is also possible if the reminder refers to several invoices. This presents a very simple, clear situation to the debtor so that you will get paid sooner.

Exact Purchase to Pay

We have added a new dashboard functionality. You can now easily set up a dashboard per module for easier and quicker navigation through Exact Purchase to Pay.

The backend of the contract module has been completely rewritten. This offers many opportunities for future innovations. It is how we make sure you can continue to rely on Exact in the future.

The staffing module is now fully integrated into Exact Purchase to Pay. This module has also been completely rewritten and fully updated with many extra options.

Exact Consolidation

The Web Client was introduced last year. It gives you quick and easy access to your financial data on your laptop, iPad or Android tablet. The Web Client has an intuitive, modern user interface and is available anytime, anywhere without the need for a separate installation. The latest version offers new features such as an optimised and extended user interface.

From now on, all critical changes, such as multi-currency changes or account changes in entries, are recorded separately. As soon as one of the critical changes is made to an entry, the link to the previous version is displayed in the entry's change log. This can be used to display the previous version of the entry. This shows who has changed something and what exactly they changed.

You can now create an entry rules report in an Excel document to summarise and compare all the entry rules and their configured characteristics. You can do this in the Entry Rules worksheet. Both the payment term report variants and the individual entry environment report are available.

What's coming up?

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