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Benefit from the many innovations we've included in the Winter '22 Release. They are designed to help you work more efficiently, gain more insight and maintain a good grip on your numbers. Click on your Exact solution in the menu and discover all the improvements and innovations we have in store for you. Want to see all the release notes? Check out the support portal.

Exact Online Accounting

Do you sell products or services to private individuals within the EU? If so, you need to observe the new VAT rules for e-commerce – known as the One Stop Shop rule – which have been in effect since 1 July 2021. It is now possible to register invoices eligible under this rule properly via a separate VAT code and collect the relevant VAT amounts thanks to a handy report. This report makes it easy for you to see what information you need to add to your declaration.

The PSD2 bank feed is now available for Knab, SNS, ASN, RegioBank and Van Lanschot account holders. Thanks to this new generation of PSD2 bank feeds, you have an up-to-the-minute overview of your cash flows and control over who can access your bank data at all times. Other banks are set to follow later this year.

The Exact Online app has been given an all-new makeover, with the new features being gradually rolled out for both Android and iPhone. For example, we've added one of the most requested product suggestions: to view the app in dark mode. This is less taxing on the eyes and provides a more pleasant overall user experience.

Exact Online Accounting

Exact Online Accountancy

It is now possible to send VAT declarations directly to Fiscaal Gemak and send them from there to the tax authorities. In Fiscaal Gemak, you can choose where this declaration should be placed in the workflow. The VAT declaration process remains the same, so you can still have the declaration approved by the client. It is also visible to the client.

Clients can now change their (contact) details via a PBC questionnaire. By linking a field to a question, the answer given by the client will be entered directly into the profile after approval by the accountant. This enables your CRM system to be meticulously updated with minimal effort.

If you wish to inform a (new) client about Exact Online's business solutions quickly and easily, there's a new, improved way to do so. If the client agrees, we'll instantly link the new Exact Online client environment to your Exact Online Accountancy environment so that they can get off to a flying start. If you already know what your client needs, simply use the existing invitation wizard.


Accountancy Gemak

From now on, it is possible to have RGS labels switched automatically from debit to credit or vice versa in the column balance. You can arrange specific RGS labels (as well as the level at which this switch should take place) at branch level via the menu Manage | Switch codes. For existing tasks, you can indicate that you want the switch to be made automatically in the step for additional data.

It is now possible to file Chamber of Commerce documents for the 2021 financial year for micro- and small legal entities. You can create, edit and submit income/corporation tax declarations for 2021 to the tax authorities. You can also monitor collaboration activities in the client overview, so you can see which clients need attention and why. Finally, the legislation and regulations have been updated and other client requirements have been met.

Existing questionnaires can now be saved as templates, enabling you to reuse them for other clients. PBCL questionnaires can be duplicated to increase efficiency, and open questionnaires can be withdrawn or extended. You can also add a label to a question in CG. Furthermore, you can monitor outstanding cooperation actions with CG in the client overview in Fiscaal Gemak.

Accountancy Convenience

Wholesale Distribution & Manufacturing

You can now view items in the Inventory Management app. This gives you an overview of an item's current stock level. When you open an item, you will also see the stock level per location as well as adapt the data (e.g. default location and barcode). We have also made adjusting locations more intuitive and improved stability and consistency.

It is now possible to add a date range for purchase prices. This means you can set future prices and gain more insight into historical prices. When you enter orders, the correct prices will be selected automatically based on the date. Furthermore, you can now easily create and update purchase prices for all your suppliers using the import function. You can also use the import function to enter a start date, enabling you to prepare for price changes more effectively.

To allow for more efficient API traffic, we have added a new Sync API for ItemWarehouses (stock per warehouse) and StockPositionsStorageLocations (stock per warehouse location). These new API endpoints should make it easier and more efficient to retrieve stock data per warehouse or location from Exact Online. We also added fields to the InvoiceSalesorders API.


Subscription Management

You can manage quotes and sales processes in Exact Online. You can now convert an accepted quote into a subscription with ease. After accepting the quote, you can now choose to convert the quote lines into a subscription in order to invoice the client periodically.

Changes may occur during a subscription's term. Changes in the last invoiced subscription period are charged pro rata by default. Alternatively, you can opt for a corrected invoice. You can now also choose not to create any corrected invoices after changes are made. Any changes in the last invoiced period will then not be invoiced until the next invoice period.

Subscribtion management

Time & Billing / Project Management

Exact Online Project Management allows you to document the scope and budget of a project in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). We have now made it easier to compose this project budget. For example, you can use a WBS template to pre-define activities for each deliverable and use them as a building block to quickly compose your project budget.

The client base is one of the most valuable assets that a company has. It's not surprising that many entrepreneurs do not wish to share this data with external timesheet observers. You can now limit access to timesheet observers by disabling user rights to search for clients.

The Exact Online app has been given an all-new makeover, with the new features being gradually rolled out for both Android and iPhone. This makes the screen for entering hours in the app even clearer and makes it simple to keep track of hours worked with the help of a start-stop timer.

Project management

Exact bouw7

Due to the Quality Assurance Act – set to enter into effect starting July 2022 – it is becoming increasingly important to keep everything central. This is now possible thanks to the updated KAM module. Once the forms, journals and toolbox meetings have been completed or entered in the mobile app, you can generate an overview via the KAM module in the web environment.

It is now possible to book your work in progress (WIP) at the touch of a button in Exact Online. Synchronize costs at project level to accounting and release entries when closing a project. This ensures that you have insight into your product administration's financial situation at all times, and you can process it in the accounts.

The improved Control module is now available. As well as being able to see the status of each monitoring code, the sub-projects have been added to the main project's overview, and you can monitor them on three levels (object, chapter and monitoring code). You can also have statuses calculated automatically. These improvements give you even more insight into your project monitoring while enabling you to perform calculations on multiple levels.


Exact Globe / Globe+

Exact Globe+ is the latest version of Globe. It has been fully updated and comes with new technology. The user interface has also been improved – it is modern and pleasant to use, yet familiar. Containing Accounting and Logistics, Exact Globe+ is now being rolled out in stages for the Netherlands and Belgium. We will be adding Manufacturing, WMS and other legislative modules in the coming months.

In Exact Globe, you can count on ongoing updates regarding upcoming legal requirements in many countries. This release contains many end-of-year changes, allowing you to get off to a good start in 2022. We have made various changes for the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and others.


Exact Insights

At Exact, we believe it is important to maintain a good overview of your figures so that you can make quick decisions based on the right insights. That's why we've made a few improvements once again. Discover the new innovations providing you with quicker insights in Exact Insights.

Exact Insights

Exact SRXP

Exact is constantly innovating to keep supporting companies in the best possible way so that they can stay in control of their figures and make the right decisions. Discover all the innovations that have been implemented in Exact SRXP.

Exact SRXP

Exact Purchase to Pay

Exact is constantly innovating to keep supporting companies in the best possible way so that they can stay in control of their figures and make the right decisions. Find out what innovations and improvements have been made in Purchase to Pay.

Exact Purchase to Pay

Exact Consolidation

The latest version of Exact Consolidation contains many new features for even greater ease of use. The web client gives you access to your financial data quickly and easily from your PC, iPad or Android tablet. Furthermore, authentication is supported via MS Azure Active Directory and SAML 2.0, and some performance improvements have been made.

Exact Consolidatie

Exact Seasonal Releases

The world is changing fast – and Exact is changing with it. In spring, autumn and winter, we keep you up to date with the latest innovations and developments for our products to help you get the most out of your Exact software at all times.

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