Scaling your international growth

Exact business software complies with legal and regulatory requirements in over 40 countries worldwide. We’ll be right by your side in 2020 as well. This overview shows you our latest innovations designed to help you work even smarter.

Exact Globe

Always up to date with international legislation

Ready to stay working efficiently while expanding your business globally? Exact Globe keeps you up to date on the latest legal requirements in over 40 countries. Nearly every month, we release updates to improve our product. This keeps you compliant with all requirements in the countries where you do business.

Exact Synergy 

Fully preview virtual attachments 

You can easily link documents to online files from Microsoft OneDrive or Sites. Now, these virtual attachments are immediately visible when you open a document. This lets you instantly see the contents of PowerPoint presentations, Word documents or Excel spreadsheets that are linked to your documents. Pretty clever, right?

Exact Synergy 

A clear view of who did what and where  

We've improved the automatic time stamp feature for work flows in Exact Synergy. Now, the time stamp is automatically applied for bulk actions. You no longer have to open each task separately to place a time stamp. This keeps everyone informed of who made which changes and when.

Exact Synergy 

Improved teamwork with Social Collaboration 

Social Collaboration in Exact Synergy lets you see what’s going on in your organisation with notifications on your timeline about groups that are relevant to you. You can register for a group now via the group catalogue. It’s also easier now to share links to interesting items from a timeline using other channels such as email.

Exact Synergy 

Transfer details from deals more easily

Congratulations! You’ve sealed the deal. Now you need to make sure it's correctly transferred to other departments. The extra comments field in your sales opportunity card helps you to do this. That way, none of your specific instructions get lost in the general comments field. Rest assured that your information transfers properly and your customers are satisfied.  

Exact Synergy 

Related quotations appear in the project monitor

Do you want to quickly view all the quotations related to a project? Now you can see all the project-related proposals in the project monitor. This gives you a clear view of your project, from proposal to completion.

Exact Winter'20 Release

See here a complete overview of the improvements.

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