2020. You want to start the new decade successfully. With Exact you're ready, as the software is smarter than ever. This leaves you time to make the best decisions; based on up-to-date numbers. Curious about the innovations from the Winter'20 release? Take a look at the themes and then click through to the innovation pages.

Exact Release - Theme 1

Efficiency in your bookkeeping

Ready to seize new business opportunities in 2020? Using Exact Online saves you time by eliminating manual data input in many cases. 

Digital efficiency for wholesale, manufacturing and service providers

Reliable delivery, flawless work and clear communication: three ingredients for helping service providers, wholesale and manufacturing companies boost their margins. The latest innovations from Exact make it easier than ever.

Exact Release - Theme 2
Exact Release - Theme 3

Scaling your international growth

Want to keep working efficiently while also growing internationally? Exact saves you time so you can continue to grow in 2020. Our latest innovations help you reach your expansion goals and comply with local laws and regulations.

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