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Exact Software is always developing, in order to best service our customers. Below you’ll find the latest innovations in Exact Synergy, Exact Globe and Exact Online. Welcome to the Winter ’19 Release!

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Exact Purchase to Pay

Exact Globe & Financials 

Exact Purchase to Pay

Exact continues to expand its family of products for cost control in SMEs. Exact Purchase to Pay is now available in the Netherlands. It improves efficiencies and provides full control of the purchase to pay process in the cloud: from the request for the purchase of a good or service to receiving it, and then paying the invoice.

Expense management  

Reduce expense handling time by 75%

With the addition of SRXP's expense management capabilities, customers can export all invoice data to Exact with a click of a button. This saves you 75% on the declaration process.

Business software

Exact Online

We’re kicking off the new year with the Winter ’19 Release. Exact Software is constantly being improved, in order to always support you optimally. Find out the most important innovations in Exact Online below.

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Automatic processing of partial payments

Don't your customers always pay the full outstanding amount in one go? Now in Exact Online it is possible to automatically debit a partial payment and leave the remainder open. In combination with the new 'automatic debit' function, you can easily have small payment differences written off.

Send emails from multiple addresses

Sending messages via Exact Online from multiple email addresses is simplified. Create a list of email addresses. Select the correct email address if you send an email from the Sales or Logistics department, for example.

QR code on invoice or other document 

Exact for Wholesale now supports QR codes in the layout of all documents. 2D QR codes and DataMatrix labels are frequently used data carriers in logistics and industry, since they can contain a lot of information in a relatively small, printed area.

Automatic generation of serial/batch numbers on receipt 

Do you receive orders without serial and batch numbers? Now it’s possible to generate these automatically in Exact for Wholesale (Advanced & Premium) and Manufacturing (all versions). There is no need to manually generate a batch or series number for each product. 

Adjust delivery date in purchase order

Do you have an order for many items with separate delivery dates and want to make the delivery date of all orders the same? You can by changing the delivery date in the order header. This way, your customer gets all his orders in one day while saving you time.

Adjust credit limit check pop-up at order entry

You can set a credit limit check per customer. Now you can determine per customer or for your entire administration whether the pop-up appears or not. 

Insights with Shop Manager Dashboard 

You can gain insights into ongoing work on the shop floor with the dashboard for the shop manager as an extension for Smart Shop Floor. You have insights into who is working, on what, how long on which workstation and the progress.  

Improved manufacturing  cockpit

The standard manufacturing cockpit has an improved usability. You immediately see how your company is doing.

New fields for purchase order layout 

By popular demand, we have added a number of new fields in Exact Online for Wholesale distribution. Among others in the order line, the item and country of origin.

Set delivery date based on purchase lead time

If you order your goods in Exact for Wholesale or Manufacturing, the receipt date of a purchase order item now determines the purchase time. Example: you order an item on October 2nd with a delivery time of 3 days. The date of receipt of this purchase order will then be registered on 5 October. This allows you to communicate a clear delivery time to your customer.

Original invoice number on credit invoice layout 

It is now possible to add the original invoice number to the layout of a credit invoice. This field is filled in when you create a credit invoice based on an existing invoice. 

REST API for assortment information per item

REST API for assortment information per item

If you sell via your webshop, portal or cash registers, it is now possible to include the category or assortment information per item when connected via the REST API. This makes items easier to find in external digital systems. Exact is the leading system when it comes to item information.

Instructions from the work order on the order 

Remarks from the production work order may be important to a supplier of materials or outsourced work. It is now possible to include the comments from the work order in the rules of the purchase orders connected to the work order. 

REST API for direct sales invoice 

REST API for direct sales invoice

If your sales transactions are recorded via the checkout or POS, you can now create a sales invoice from there in Exact. Exact is the leading system for sales transactions.

Projected stock of materials needed added to work order

Exact Online for Production checks if you have enough materials in stock to be able to produce an order. If there is insufficient stock in house, Exact will issue a warning. As of this release, Exact also shows the material requirement against the 'expected stock'. This way you know even better whether you are ready to start production.

Business software

Exact Globe

We’re kicking off the new year with the Winter ’19 Release. Exact Software is constantly being improved, in order to always support you optimally. Find out the most important innovations in Exact Globe below.

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Exact Globe

Exact Warehouse Management (Exact WMS) available as Android app

Exact Warehouse Management System (Exact WMS) allows you to automate your physical flows of goods and optimize your logistics process. Per this release we also supply an Android app for the scanners, in addition to the existing Windows CE scanners. For Android, we also support commercial devices such as tablet, telephone or PDA in addition to industrial scanners. 

Exact Globe

Replenishing made easy

The Exact Warehouse Management (Exact WMS) has become yet a bit smarter. When a stock location needs to be replenished (for example from bulk to pick location), Exact now offers functionality that automatically sends jobs to the scanners. With this people in the warehouse know which stock locations needs to be replenished and were the stock need to come from. 

Improved support federated identity in Manufacturing
Exact Globe

Improved support federated identity in Manufacturing

Federated Identity makes it easier for a user to log into the software, by reducing the large number of user IDs and authentication tools. To this end, the solutions Visual Scheduler and Shop Floor Control of Exact Globe Manufacturing have been adjusted.

Exact Globe

Various improvements in Exact Service Management

From this release several improvements have been implemented in Exact Service Management. For example, service activities with a negative discount can now be created, taking the information from the price list and price agreement from Exact Globe. Also when adding items to the order or service activity, the correct warehouse is automatically found based on the rights of the assigned service engineer. Easy, because in many service companies, the service engineer is responsible for his own warehouse (on wheels). 

Exact Globe

Exact Globe Quick Search

From this product update onwards, the Quick Search function has been added to the administration tab. This function allows you to quickly search for employees, debtors, articles and projects..

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Exact Synergy

We’re kicking off the new year with the Winter ’19 Release. Exact Software is constantly being improved, in order to always support you optimally. Find out the most important innovations in Exact Synergy below.

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Exact Synergy

Completely renewed Exact CRM app

As of today, you can download a new version of the Exact CRM app, which now has the same look and feel as other Exact apps. With this version, the timeline is integrated into the CRM app, allowing you easily and instantly communicate with the sales back office, referring to included sales opportunities and other CRM information. Make sure to download the latest version for iOS, Android or Windows 10

Exact Synergy

Social Collaboration

To promote cooperation through Social Collaboration, several improvements have been made. It is now possible to display a timeline per project. This way you create an effective communication channel for each project in which all project members can directly share information with each other.

Exact Synergy

Easily create items using copy feature

You can now create an item by copying the details of an existing item. With this feature, the item that you want to create will have the fields populated with information from the existing item, thereby speeding up the process of creating the item.

Exact Synergy

Employee Self Service simplified

We’ve improved Employee Self Service app – we’ve improved the user interface and helped firms to better share employee news using social collaboration. More information? Check out the video for all details or download the app.

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