Exact Summer'19 Release

Digitising wholesale & manufacturing

Wholesalers and manufacturers are always on the lookout for faster, more reliable and more cost-effective ways of operating. Their customers demand it, and now technology is making it possible. In these industries, it is essential for companies to digitise processes in their warehouses and on their work floors. Everyone must have direct access to current, accurate data in the office, on the assembly line, at the warehouse and throughout the supply chain.

Set your own manufacturing priorities

Starting now, there’s a simple way for you to set priorities for your work orders in Exact Online for Manufacturing. This way, your employees know exactly when they need to start on which orders. The advantage is that you can work through your orders in the right sequence. That makes it easier to stay on schedule and deliver the order on time.

Process planned returns more easily

For wholesalers and manufacturers, the return process costs a lot of time and money, and there’s a big risk of things going wrong. The new ‘Planned Returns’ function in Exact Online lets you easily register, cancel or approve returns. You even have the choice of receiving them at an alternative location. Now, you can handle returns faster, cheaper and without the hassle.

Set your own calculation rules for articles

The ‘Calculation Rules’ feature in Exact Globe lets you easily add extra entry and calculation fields for your articles. Now, it’s easier than ever to enter quotes and (production) orders. Do you work with metal panels, for example, and want to add further specifications to the order? No problem! And do you want to communicate those specifications to your client, on the invoice, for example? Sure! Simply contact your Exact account manager if you’re interested in using this new feature.

Now even more options in (partial) deliveries

Intercompany Logistics in Exact Globe lets you ship from a central warehouse while procurement and invoices are handled at other locations. For shipments sent to your clients in multiple deliveries, you can now process the purchase transaction for each partial delivery. It’s also easier to process your transactions for each partial delivery if you are purchasing for other locations from one central warehouse.

Editing the subject line of standardised e-mails

Exact Online lets you send automatic e-mails containing invoices, payment reminders and more. Now, you can freely edit the subject lines of your automated e-mails. With more than 650 votes, this is one of the most frequently requested innovations lately.

Exact Summer'19 Release

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