Exact Summer'19 Release

Digital efficiency in bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is becoming increasingly automated. Soon, we’ll be able to do it hands-free! Exchange invoices between accounting packages while remaining fully in control. Data entry will soon be a thing of the past. We’re entering the age of real-time insight. Now, you can focus on growing your business. We’re already well on our way to making these things possible. Read more below.

Editing the subject line of standardised e-mails

Exact Online lets you send automatic e-mails containing invoices, payment reminders and more. Now, you can freely edit the subject lines of your automated e-mails. With more than 650 votes, this is one of the most frequently requested innovations lately.

Match outstanding items even faster

Do you want to match outstanding items faster? Use the ‘Match’ button on the client page. You’ll then see the correct page, where you can instantly match the outstanding items for your client. This is a major time-saver that many users have been asking for.

Approve purchase invoices more easily

If you turn on the ‘Purchase Invoice Approval’ option, you can now choose between approving all invoices or just the ones that you still need to pay electronically. Choose automatic approval if your suppliers periodically send invoices with the same amount. You can also easily set a limit. This can be done separately for each approver as well.

Approve purchase invoices using the mobile app

You can also approve purchase invoices by simply swiping them across in the mobile app. Have you linked a bank account that supports those payments? If so, then you can send the payment straight to your bank.

Exact Summer'19 Release

See here a complete overview of the improvements.

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