Staying ahead in business means keeping up to date. That’s why we are constantly improving our products and making all our latest innovations directly available to you each season. We’re now arranging our innovations into themes to make it easier to see how they work together. Check out the themes below and click through to view the innovation pages.

Business software

Digital efficiency in bookkeeping

This is a giant step towards automating your bookkeeping. Most of the improvements are behind the scenes, but you’ll definitely notice that your accounting has never been easier.

Next Generation ERP

For many businesses, ERP software is still a crucial tool. But staying on top means having software that can meet ever-changing requirements. That’s why we’ve made more than 70 improvements.

Business software
Business software

Digitising wholesale & manufacturing

Wholesalers and manufacturers are always looking for ways to deliver their products faster and more reliably. Step one is getting rid of paper receipts and work orders. Give your business the competitive edge by keeping a perfect overview your supply chain and customer needs. That’s exactly what these latest innovations are all about.

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