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Exact Online Accounting

From now on, purchase invoices will always be automatically reconciled with payments, regardless of whether you are using our scanning service or not. From now on, recurring invoices will also be created automatically by Exact Online. If you work with Exact Online Accounting Plus, more extensive editions or our industry solutions, you have even more additional features, including extensive invoice approval, automatic asset depreciation and downloading attachments.

During this release, we are launching the Activity Feed for Exact Online. This overview not only shows you which administrative tasks you need to carry out, but also which tasks have been carried out automatically by our software. For example, automatic invoice processing. This way, as a user you know exactly what you can do and you always have control over automated administrative processes.

Overdue invoices are devastating for your cash flow. With Debtor Management, our customers send automated reminders, with the right timing, message and number of contact moments determined using smart software. This way, you get paid earlier while maintaining your customer relationship. From now on, with this release onwards, you can also register and manage payment plans in Exact Online (soon available).

Exact Online Accounting Premium (Dutch Only)

The multi-company (HQ) features have been further expanded in this release. For example, you can use the search bar at the top right of the menu to search for accounts, invoices, entries and items across administrations. You can also report across multiple administration structures in the available overviews. This allows you to get to the right information faster and have the right insights for your enterprise quickly.

From now on, you can apply process automation to financial entries. Based on the conditions you have chosen yourself, it is possible, for example, to set up a purchase entry directly as a selected payment. Another example is the direct processing of an imported memorial entry on the basis of the condition entered by you. In addition, you can be informed directly via a task when a new general ledger account is created. This saves you time and gives you control over your administration.

With Flex, you have the option of augmenting the sub-lines of entries with additional information so that you can gain even more insight from Exact. For example, 'fuel type' and 'number of litres’ in the case of a fuel invoice. Master data, such as general ledger accounts, cost centres and cost units, can also be expanded with the fields and buttons you require. Finally, you can expand the Exact Online taskbar, for example with an extra menu to a Power BI report.

In this release, we offer the first template of the visualised profit and loss account for Exact Online Accounting Premium. This allows you quickly to see how your company is doing per period or the last twelve months, with current and budget figures. You also have the option of selecting cost centres and cost units.

In this release we offer the MS Teams integration where users can directly share information from Exact Online in the MS teams chat, for example a contact card. The integration works vice versa, so information can also be shared directly from Exact Online via a chat or a meeting can be started.

Exact Online Accountancy Suite (Dutch Only)

In this new overview, you can see at a glance which administrative tasks you need to carry out today and which tasks have already been carried out by our software (e.g. automatic invoice processing). This way, as a user you know exactly what you can do and you always have control over automated administrative processes.

During this release, we are launching various improvements to the annual accounts. For example, you can create a label template to manage the descriptions of your labels in the column balance at the office level. We have also improved consolidation with additional filters and labels.

Optimal office management starts with structure, which is exactly what Exact Online Office Management will help you with. The first edition of our latest product development is entering Controlled Release. A number of clients are testing the central homepage, including the customer list and the integration with Exact Online for Tax and Annual Accounts.

Exact Online Wholesale/Manufacturing

In the Exact Online for Inventory Management app, it is now also possible to carry out planned location transfers. You prepare the location move in Exact Online and you process the move via the Inventory Management app once it has been executed. In this way, we help you to further digitalise your warehouse. Location transfers are part of Exact Online Wholesale and Manufacturing Professional.

Every wholesale distributor that ships goods has to deal with shipping costs. You can now easily link your shipping costs to the delivery method in Exact Online Wholesale. On the basis of the selected delivery method, the shipping costs are added to your quotes, orders and invoices. This prevents errors and keeps items and shipping costs neatly separate. The shipping costs can, of course, also be shown on the layouts.

You can carry out location transfers on an ad hoc basis, but you can also plan them. For example, when an MRP indicates that you need to replenish from bulk stock. But you can also manually schedule a transfer. The app allows you to transfer items from one location to another, for example to replenish stock at a pick location from a bulk location.

Exact Online Wholesale/Manufacturing Premium (Dutch Only)

Our Inventory Management app is already being used extensively for digital picking. In the Premium edition, we have added even more features to the app. This allows you to collect orders and pick several orders at the same time in a single tour. This saves kilometres of walking and allows you to pick more orders, faster and smarter!

For customers with the Premium edition of Exact Online, the Inventory Management app contains smart features to help you pick and prepare your orders quickly and intelligently for dispatch. For example, the app recommends the best location, such as the bulk location. The Premium edition also helps you with the most logical route through the warehouse. The best walking route is determined by using the pick sequence configured per warehouse location.

Exact Online Manufacturing Premium comes with its own Power BI Connector and a large number of out-of-the-box dashboards. The connector gives you direct access to your own Exact Online database. In this release, we have added a dashboard for manufacturing. It gives you an immediate insight into what is planned per period, what is in progress on the shop floor and what has been produced. A Microsoft Power BI licence enables you to use the dashboards directly and customise them to your enterprise's needs.

Exact Online Projects

No Hands Accounting allows you to automate the invoice processing from start to finish. Using the approval workflow, you can ensure that purchase invoices are approved by the right individuals. It is now possible to involve time entry users in Exact Online Projects in this approval workflow.

From Exact Online Projects Plus, you can use orders to document and track purchase orders. This way, you can immediately see which expenses you are still expecting for a particular project. Based on the products or services received, you can then create the purchase invoice. Now you can also document products you return to your supplier. This allows you to create a purchase return slip for your supplier and register the number of products returned.

We have added a new edition to Exact Online Projects. Specially developed for service providers who need to work even smarter and more efficiently. This latest edition gives you more insight, you work more efficiently and you have more options to adapt the software to your way of working.

Exact Online Construction

To gain an insight into the financial situation of your projects, financial reporting has been created in Exact Online Construction. The reporting has now been expanded, giving you more opportunities and better insights. This allows for better filtering with more columns available and the possibility to merge subprojects with main projects. The export has also been expanded to include new fields.

Sometimes you need to add an attachment to your invoice with additional information, for example because you wish to provide explanations. This attachment will then be sent automatically when you send the invoice. When creating and editing an invoice, you can now select a file to send with it. This can be a locally stored file, but you can also add the PDF of a purchase invoice.

Exact Online CRM

Your customers can now accept and sign quotes online. Via a link in the email, they can view and accept the quote with a simple signature. After acceptance, customers automatically receive a confirmation and an invoice, sales order, subscription or project can also be created automatically. You can also include additional options for additional products or services in the quote. In this way, you can entice the customer to buy more from you. Gradually available from now on for Exact Online Projects, Wholesale Distribution and Accounting.

You can now use the Exact Online app to create and send quotes quickly. Handy when you are on the go and wish to share a quote with your prospect or customer quickly. You can also view quotes sent and accept or reject them via the app.

With the updated sales opportunities dashboard, you can very easily track the progress and status of your quotes. You have a clear overview of all current sales processes and your sales forecast. The new sales opportunity dashboard can be activated through the “Early Access” tab in My Exact Online.

Exact Online for Debtor Management

With Exact Online for Debtor Management, you can easily set up and manage payment plans. You can specify what amount is to be paid in instalments, how many instalments are to be paid and when. This improves your cash flow by receiving regular payments, while your customers can meet their financial obligations without getting into financial difficulties.

Exact Online for Debtor Management now offers the option of attaching a copy of the invoice to a reminder. This gives your customers an immediate insight into the details of the outstanding invoice. This means that you now have even more control over your collection process and can better inform your customers about outstanding invoices.

From now on, it is also possible to send reminders manually with Exact Online for Debtor Management. This means that now you can personally decide when to send reminders to customers who have not yet paid their invoices, so that you can maintain your cash flow. This is useful if at some point you wish to send a reminder that differs from the standard reminder profiles.

Exact Online for Subscription Management

Previously, it was not possible to add a payment link when your subscriptions were invoiced automatically. We have modified this and you can now also use the Mollie payment link for automatically generated subscription invoices. This makes payment easier for your customers and allows you to be paid faster.

Exact Online for Subscription Management allows you to distribute the invoiced turnover of your subscriptions automatically over different financial periods. The deferred turnover overview gives you a handy overview of the deferred turnover of the annual or quarterly invoices you have sent. We have now improved this overview.

Exact Online HR (Dutch Only)

We have expanded the functionality of the performance reviews so that they can be used even more widely. As a manager or HR employee, you can now also send questionnaires to colleagues of the employee to be assessed. This will give you an even more complete picture of the employee’s performance.

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that an employee is ill for an extended period. If you have specifically linked that employee to a workflow, they cannot perform their assigned tasks. That is why you can now set an out-of-office for employees in the workflow functionality. You can also indicate at the same time which employee will take over the tasks.

We are constantly working on our existing functionality. For example, we have expanded the expense functionality. You can now change the category of the expense claim even after its submission, and the payment method of the expense claim can be specified. You can now also give your expense claims a 'paid or paid out' status.

Exact Globe+/Synergy

In this release, we have added extra options for exchanging data between Exact Synergy and other systems. For example, we have added ODBC, XML, CSV and more options. The rules engine has also been expanded. This gives you more options to create the rules that suit your operations. This saves you time, prevents mistakes and allows you to focus on what you are really good at.

We have made various improvements to make working with the Exact Synergy app even easier. For example, more information about the account is now available, such as marketing information and comments, financial data and additional fields. You will also be actively informed about actions that are open to you in the app. This makes mobile working with the Exact Synergy app even easier!

With Exact Globe+ you can count on continuous updates on upcoming legal requirements in many countries. You will receive product updates with improvements and changes each month to make sure you comply with the legislation of the countries in which you are operating. We have made changes in recent months for countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

Exact Financials

In the latest version of Exact Financials, dynamic fields can be added to the description fields of items in the invoice lines of fixed invoices. This makes it very easy to enter more details for fixed invoices, such as the period to which a monthly invoice or subscription relates.

Documents can already be linked to master data, such as debtors, creditors or general ledger accounts. From now on, you no longer need to open individual master data, and you can quickly find all linked documents in one overview via the menu [Financial: Master data, Overviews, Documents].

In the latest version of Exact Financials, it is possible to add documents to a processed entry. An overview of general ledger changes or a general ledger card can be used to open the 'Update documents’ option easily. One or more documents in PDF format, for example an insurance policy, can then be linked to a processed entry.

Exact Purchase to Pay

In the latest version, as the administrator of the application you can indicate whether and when the environment needs to be updated. It is also possible to have the application updated automatically in the event of a new release.

From this version onwards, Windows Server 2022, SQL Server 2019 and SQL Server 2022 are officially supported.

Exact SRXP

From now on, a data feed between SRXP and Mastercard Business is possible. This means that credit card transactions are imported and processed in SRXP via an automated process. So no more fuss with CSV files. A data feed for Mastercard Corporate already exists, and now the Business variant has been added.

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