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Benefit from the many innovations we've included in this Spring '22 Release. They are designed to help you work more efficiently, gain more insight and maintain a good grip on your numbers. Click on your Exact solution in the menu and discover all the improvements and innovations we have in store for you. Visit our support portal to see all the release notes.

Exact Online Accounting

PSD2 Automated bank feeds are now available to Rabobank account holders. This new generation of automated bank feeds offers you up-to-date insight into your cash flows at all times and constant control over who can access your bank data. Rabobank will no longer offer the current automated bank feeds 1.0 after 1 July, so make the switch now to make sure you can continue your accounting as usual after that date.

Please note that the new PSD2 link will be rolled out in phases. You can only switch if you have received a notification in Exact Online/Boekhoud Gemak or an email stating that the switch is available to you!

The new add-on Debtor Management is available now. The software can send automatic reminders, select the most suitable communication scenario for you and show you all actions and communication on its debtor dashboard. This allows you to receive your payments sooner and maintain good customer relationships.

No hands Accounting was already available for our industry-specific Exact Online solutions. Soon No hands Accounting can also recognise the order number (PO number) on a scanned purchase invoice and automatically link the corresponding order lines to the invoice in question.

As an entrepreneur or accountant, you need to close the financial year before July of the following year. Now you can see and execute all the steps and associated actions from one clear page in Exact Online. In addition, you can easily make comparisons across financial years.

Exact Online Accounting

Exact Online Accountancy

The setting up and use of practice administration has been improved. It has now become easier to add relevant users to loyalty cards and to allocate a standard role to your firm users. You can also filter the 'To be processed' screen by personal customers. Finally, you can easily create new customers based on accounting companies already included in your subscription and quickly check which customers are linked to which companies.

We will add new business reporting options to Exact Online Accountancy to give your customers a better insight. You can easily generate different budget scenarios, share several dashboard pages and use a new balance sheet overview and profit and loss report for your customers.

As an accountant, you can now use the automated bank feeds monitor to check the automated bank feed status of the companies you have access to. You can also start PSD2 operations screening on the monitor, so that you and your client can set up a new PSD2 automated bank feeds. PSD2 automated bank feeds are also available in My[Firm], where your customers can set up and monitor their automated bank feeds.

Please note that the new PSD2 link will be rolled out in phases. You can only switch if you have received a notification in Exact Online/Boekhoud Gemak or an email stating that the switch is available to you!

InContext communication has a new feature that allows My[Firm] users to contact their accountant directly with questions about sales or purchase invoices. For example, after creating a sales invoice, your customer can add a note, ask a question or post a comment that is stored in the context of the invoice itself. No more emails or WhatsApp messages. All communication is saved directly in Exact Online with My[Firm].


Wholesale Distribution & Manufacturing

You can now display the total amount and the total number per Item Surcharge Group in the layouts of your quotes, sales orders and sales invoices. You can now also import and export item surcharges with the descriptions in all languages with CSV files.

Many users want to start delivering the goods immediately after the sales order. To make this process as efficient as possible, you can now use the updated Picklist button to print your picklist straight from the sales order.

The Exact Inventory Management app ensures that your inventory is always up-to-date. The app now also supports Zebra TS21/26 Android scanners. To scan a barcode in the app, simply press the scan button on the scanner. The built-in infrared barcode scanner recognises the barcode much faster, even in low light conditions. This means you are no longer dependent on your mobile phone camera.


Subscription Management

More and more products and services coming onto the market are delivered and paid for on a weekly basis. To make sure your invoicing is in line with this, you can now invoice your customers weekly in the Subscription Management module.

You can now use the sync API to exchange Exact Online subscriptions with other applications. This new API allows you to quickly retrieve all changed and new subscriptions from Exact Online. You can use this to efficiently update other applications in order to keep all data the same in both systems.

Subscribtion management

Time & Billing / Project Management

You can use the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in Exact Online Project Management to record the budgeted activities in a project. As you create a new activity, the budgeted turnover and costs are now automatically entered based on the linked hours type and the budgeted number of hours. You can also set the linked hours type to be mandatory when the hours are entered. This prevents errors, gives you more control and makes it easier for the employees.

The digital timesheet in Exact Online allows you to display your hours worked on a digital timesheet. You can have the hours worked approved online by your customer as soon as you have completed the work. The project filter now conveniently shows the most recent projects you have entered hours for rather than all projects.

This new API allows you to retrieve all changed and new WBS data from Exact Online more quickly. You can use this data to update the other system in the synchronisation process to make sure the WBS data are the same in both systems.

Project management

Exact Online Construction

The name Exact bouw7 changed to Exact Online Construction on 1 May. We have also changed the names of the various editions to make sure our construction solution is in line with the other Exact Online solutions. Nothing will change for you as a customer besides the name and logo. The software will continue to work as usual and you will have access to the same features.

In addition to traditional invoicing – by email for example – Exact Online Construction now also allows you to send sales invoices in accordance with the Dutch DICO standard SALES005. Invoicing based on this construction standard reduces human actions and any associated errors. It also means that invoices can be paid more quickly. You can obtain a licence by becoming a member of Ketenstandaard. Membership is free for small businesses.

The time screen has been improved in many ways. When the screen is opened from the project, it now immediately shows an overview of the entered hours. The input has also improved. If you want, you can also enter the start and end times. The cross-project time overview can now also be accessed from the employee menu. We have now added advanced filter options and a details screen.


Exact Globe / Globe+

The nuts and bolts of Exact Globe have been completely redesigned and the solution offers plenty of opportunities for innovation. This updated version is now available: Exact Globe+. Companies using the Globe financial and logistical features can now switch to Exact Globe+. The Dutch and Belgian legislation is now also available. Other legislation and other features such as manufacturing and WMS will also become available in the coming months.

In Exact Globe, you can count on ongoing updates about upcoming legal requirements in many countries. You will receive product updates with improvements and changes each month to make sure you comply with the legislation of the countries you are operating in. We have made changes for countries such as Austria, Poland, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the US over the past few months.


Exact Synergy

We have implemented several innovations in Exact RPA. For instance, SSRS reports and Crystal Reports can now be run from the Rules Engine and are stored as a document or sent by email. The Rules Engine allows entities to be entered manually when no entities are available to make the solution more flexible.

Exact Synergy

Exact Insights

The latest version of Exact Insights introduces some new features that improve data visualisation. This will give you an even quicker and clearer insight into your figures.

Exact Insights

Exact Purchase to Pay

The various modules have been improved in different ways in the latest version of Purchase to Pay. The contract management, order, invoice, budget and management modules have all been improved. The links to various Exact applications have also been upgraded.

Exact Purchase to Pay

Exact Seasonal Releases

The world is changing fast – and Exact is changing with it. In spring, autumn and winter, we keep you up to date with the latest innovations and developments for our products to help you get the most out of your Exact software at all times.

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