Efficiency and increased ease of use

We've implemented various large and small innovations: real-time links, new features for your mobile phone, increased usability of Exact Insights, and several other Expense Management updates. Discover these new features and many more tweaks and updates. You'll work more efficiently and enjoy the ease of use.

Exact Globe & Synergy

The new licensing model for Exact Business Software is now available!

This release of Exact Globe makes use of a new licensing model. With this change, we will be moving from ELC to ELCX license files for better protection. We strive to enhance security and also to ensure that you have access to all the modules covered by your contract. This license update became mandatory with the release of Service Pack 6 on 6 April.

Exact Synergy

Synergy Mobile Chat 

Working together with your colleagues is now more important than ever. In the workplace, from home, at customers, wherever you want.

In addition to Social Collaboration in Synergy, you can now also chat with all your colleagues via your own Synergy app! Share business related information directly from Synergy, start a conversation and do all this within your own business environment.

The chat functionality is now available with the latest versions of Exact Synergy and the Synergy app. 

Expense Management

Exact Expense Management now available in French!

For customers with an international workforce, we offer our software in multiple languages. This increases usability and acceptance within the organisation and promotes a speedy implementation. This release adds French to the available languages. We currently offer English, Dutch, Spanish and French.

Expense Management

Real-time connection to bunq

The new API connection between Exact Expense Management and bunq not only allows you to import transactions into Expense Management in real-time, but also to use Expense Management to manage all your bunq cards. You can change credit limits and active countries, freeze or block a card and much more.

Expense Management

Additional reminder functionality for Exact Expense Management

Users who have spent their own money for company expenses wish to be reimbursed as soon as possible. An additional reminder functionality in the approval workflow alerts the approver to outstanding workflow tasks more frequently, shortening the time to approval.

Exact Insights

Exact Insights further increases usability with new features for even more insights

In the first months of 2020 we made large and small improvements and added new features. Check out the video to see how the new possibilities can help you create more insights!

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