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Now that the days are getting longer, and the sun is starting to shine, it's time for the Spring ’19 Release. Exact Software is constantly on the move, so we can always optimally support you. View the most important innovations in Exact Online here.

Approve purchase invoices via mobile app

From wherever you are; you’ll now always be able to easily approve purchase invoices via the mobile app of Exact Online. No more logging in via the web browser while you're on the move, and always in control! 

New and improved purchase invoice overview

We have added a new overview for all purchase invoices in Exact Online. This makes it easy to find and maintain purchase invoices. In addition, the overview provides all relevant information on your purchase invoices and allows you to approve purchase invoices in bulk or individually. 

REST API for warehouse transfer

This new RESTAPI enables you to record the movement of articles between and within warehouses from external applications. You can also record movements after the goods have been moved. 

REST API’s for Exact Online for Manufacturing

Thanks to the new REST APIs, you can now connect Exact Online for Manufacturing even better with other systems or machines. These new APIs make it possible to exchange time registration, work orders, including material and operation data. Smart Industry becomes reality!

Round up to batch quantity in MRP

In the MRP calculation (part of Exact for Manufacturing Premium) the shop order advice is calculated. From this release it is possible to round up this advice to the standard batch size, so that the manufactured item is produced in the right quantity.

Cost analysis functionality improved

It’s now possible to specify extra options for cost centers and carriers in Exact Online. You have the possibility to fill in an end date and to indicate whether a cost center and carrier is mandatory, optional or not allowed. This leads to fewer errors and prevents endless searching in long lists of cost centers and carriers. 

New & improved digital postbox

With the digital postbox you can easily exchange invoices between administrations. We have further improved this exchange. For example, more file formats are supported or you can give the e-mail address of the digital mailbox as BCC so that it is invisible to the other addressees. 

Exchange data quicker with bulk API’s 

Bulk APIs offer an option to quickly retrieve data from Exact Online. With 1 API call you can now retrieve 1000 records at a time. Whether you have built an integration yourself, or you are an app developer, this means your integration will work faster and more efficiently. Ultimately, it gives you or your customer a better customer experience. 

Exact Globe & Synergy

Exact Software is constantly on the move, so we can always optimally support you.

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