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The Spring ’18 Release is Exact’s first Seasonal Release. As of this spring, we’ll present all of our latest product innovations in large scale updates four times a year. These quarterly releases keep you up to date on what’s new in our software, so you can continue to get the most out of you Exact products.

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My[Firm] - Exact Online 

Easy collaboration between accountants and their clients

Exact introduces Exact Online My[Firm] to simplify the collaboration between accountants and their clients. My[Firm] is available via both app and browser and enables entrepreneurs to easily and efficiently pass on receipts, invoices and payroll transactions to their accountant. With My[Firm] accountants offer this service under their own company brand name and logo.

My Dashboard - Exact Online 

A new look & feel

With My Dashboard you’ll know exactly how your business is performing. We’ve improved the look and feel to give you a smoother experience in monitoring key metrics such as accounts receivables, lead times, to do’s, and more.

Payroll - Exact Online 

Renewed focus Exact Online Payroll

Exact provides accounting and payroll software within a single integrated solution. The next generation suite enables financial and payroll information at hand any time anywhere anyplace and is immediately available.

Social Collaboration - Exact Synergy 

Social collaboration improves productivity

Synergy’s social collaboration simplifies communication. Using timelines, notifications, and workspaces, it creates alignment and improves knowledge sharing within your business – without e-mail clutter or annoying WhatsApp interruptions. Social Collaboration helps you prevent miscommunication and get more done in less time.

Amazon Web Services - Exact Globe & Synergy 

Exact Globe & Synergy on Amazon Web Services

Exact has entered into the Amazon Web Services Partner Network. We have optimized Exact Globe and Synergy for efficient use of Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Dealing with GDPR

As of 25 May 2018, any company that processes personal data of European citizens must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We made various adjustments to our software with respect to this new regulation. To better secure personal data, Exact Online now offers the possibility to further protect personal data using two-factor authentication.

Business software

Exact Online

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1. App Center make-over

Based on customer feedback, we’ve improved the look and feel of our App Center to give you a smoother experience in finding relevant apps. Take a look and connect your favorite software to Exact Online!

2. Use extra fields for items

Risk codes for chemicals. Material type for jewelry. Size and color optionally combined with a parent- or variant item for apparel. In daily business a variety of scenarios require additional product information. It is now possible to add extra fields to Items in Exact Online.

3. Prevent budget overruns

We introduced five new ways to better prevent budget overruns in your projects. We improved the project overview and made it possible to track project progress in employees’ timesheets or whilst approving their time entries. Helping you to raise awareness, save time and strengthen project control.

4. Costing in the indented bill of materials

Various improvements were made to Exact Online for Manufacturing. Amongst others, we introduced costing in the indented bill of materials (BOM). This now shows how a multi-leveled product breaks down into material, inside routing and outside routing. Providing the necessary insight into the real breakdown of manufacturing cost for items with a multi-level BOM.

5. No hands accounting

With the introduction of machine learning, we are now heading towards true no hands accounting. No hands accounting will save you a significant amount of time. Did you know, for example, automatic allocation of bank entries is 75% faster than manual allocation?

6. Sending reminders via e-mail

We’ve improved sending reminders via e-mail. You’ll now see a preview of the reminder, have the option to use alternative e-mail addresses, and is it possible to adjust the e-mail text.

7. Drive long term customer relationships with predictable revenues

Ongoing customer relationships are the lifeline of any subscription-based business. The add-on for subscription management in Exact Online supports these businesses in managing subscriptions and recurring billing. To better facilitate revenue forecasting, we’ve added extra filters to the revenue forecast report – helping you to better predict future recurring revenue streams for specific products, assortments or customer segments.

8. Ready? Start!

Just started working with Exact Online? The new Getting Started page will help you to be better prepared. We’ve outlined all necessary steps to successfully set up your company in Exact Online. Topics on this checklist may include embedded online tutorials to guide you through the process, from time entry to setting up rates & services.

9. Practice Management for Accountancy

Our practice management solution helps to take your practice to the next level: increasing efficiency, shifting from reactive to proactive advice, and offering more value-added services.

10. Great idea? Let’s hear about it!

Do you have a great idea to further improve our products or services? Let us know! Post and share your idea in our Support Community or vote on your favorite ideas. Your feedback helps us to empower SME’s all over the world.

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Exact Globe

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1. Enhanced sales order fulfillment for explode–fulfillment items

Delivering explode-fulfillment items is about delivering separate parts rather than a finished product. We’ve enhanced the fulfillment process for such items, saving time, manual work and preventing complaints due to missing parts.

2. Less is more when using E-WMS

This enhancement lets you hide menus irrelevant to a warehouse employee. It is now possible to hide the E-WMS menus for Production/Receipts or Production/Issues. Less is more!

3. Enhancements CMDM

The ability to centrally manage data across multiple (international) subsidiaries sets the foundation for consolidated management reporting and company-wide analysis. It is now possible to manage cost centers, cost units, item units, warehouses and assortments via our Central Masterdata Management (CMDM) solution.

4. New localizations

Coping with (inter)national demands on localization and changing regulations? We’ve added a large number of localizations from Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Malaysia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, and many more.

5. Enhancements credit transfer

The credit transfer functionality for Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) has been further enhanced. We now support single transaction grouping and we’ve made a new generic bank payment file made available to support both the European and non-Euro credit transfers.

6. Improved support for Federated Identity

Federated Identity prevents employees from having to use numerous login credentials for different applications. In order to reduce the number of credentials Exact Globe now supports REST service token based authentication for Auth0 and Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD).

7. Check import bank statements

We’ve improved the import of CAMT.053 bank statements. We’ve added an import validation that checks the name of the debtor or creditor in a bank statement.

8. Log data available for bank statement import process

The bank statement import process can now be logged, allowing you to view the status of the bank statement import process and more information of the transaction.
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Exact Synergy

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1. Easily attach files from Microsoft OneDrive

You can now easily attach any file from OneDrive to documents in Exact Synergy – without the need to duplicate files from OneDrive to Exact Synergy. This saves time and prevents employees from using outdated or incorrect document versions.

2. Synergy Office Integration (SOI) supports Auth0

Synergy Office Integration (SOI) enables you to easily upload and share presentations, spreadsheets, appointments and more, directly via MS Office with co-workers in Exact Synergy. To better manage the authentication, we now support the Auth0 password grant type in SOI.

3. Enhancements Social Collaboration

Synergy’s social collaboration simplifies communication, creates alignment and improves knowledge sharing within your organisation. To further enhance collaboration we’ve added polls, emoji’s, hashtags and likes and made it easier to search messages. We also show group timelines on workspaces and we’ve improved the way we show images and files on a timeline.

4. Timeline push notifications on your mobile

Synergy’s social collaboration simplifies the way coworkers collaborate. To instantly notify your colleagues on timeline events we now support push notifications. Any time a message is posted, you’ll receive a push notification on your mobile. Handy, you’ll never miss a conversation!

5. Who’s around?

Any customers, partners or suppliers located nearby worth paying a visit? We made our Synergy app context-aware. The mobile app uses GPS coordinates to match your location with your customers located nearby.

6. Make it personal

In the settings, you can now define your personal default e-mail and navigation apps that the Synergy app should use.

7. Improvements workspaces

Workspaces help you to organize your work. And now, we’ve made them even better. For example, we enhanced the performance of workspaces and made it easier to share them. We also made it possible to search within workspaces via the main search menu in Exact Synergy.

8. Easier to involve others in a workflow

In Exact Synergy, you can involve others in a request assigned to you by remarking them. Remarking multiple coworkers no longer requires lots of separate actions, but can now be done in one go.

9. Multiple vacancies per employee

Exact Synergy helps you to manage vacancies and track applicants against an existing vacancy. It is now possible to link employees to multiple vacancies, saving time when existing employees apply for new position within the company.

Federated Identity Professional Services

10. Federated Identity Professional Services

Federated Identity prevents your employees from having to use numerous login credentials for each of the applications they We’ve now enabled Federated Identity for those using Professional Services.

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