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Exact Online Accounting

Are you using Exact Online Accounting Professional or a more extensive Exact Online edition? As of now our software will use continuous monitoring to proactively inform you of any deviations in your administration. Furthermore, you can generate new budgets based on existing ones, supported by handy calculation tools. Finally, posting templates allows you to enter recurring invoices with minor variations more efficiently.

Get paid faster with Exact Online! You can now add payment links to invoices and reminders at no additional cost. That way customers can use a custom payment page to pay you right away, in their own trusted banking environment. You receive thr payments directly to your own account instead of a third-party account. This means Exact Online can even process such payments automatically in your administration.

With the new bank and cash balance overviews, you can easily compare balances for bank ledger accounts with the corresponding bank entries. This eliminates a lot of time-consuming steps to gain insight into your balances. From the overview, you can click directly through to the underlying entries to make any corrections. Managing your administration just became that much easier!

Exact Online Accounting Premium (Dutch video only)

The following new HQ overviews are now available in Exact Online Accounting Premium: Balance Sheet/Profit & Loss and General Ledger Analysis. Review your figures quickly and reliably across all administrative areas. Year End and Process Management ICP declarations for your VAT return are available as well. That way you can see how your year-end closing is going and immediately know which VAT returns still need filing.

The new debtor and creditor dashboards provide instant insight into, for example, your top 10 outstanding items. They also show trend lines for outstanding items through the year. Download these dashboards through your Exact Online master data. The MS Power BI connector can also be found here.

Exact Online accountancy suite (Dutch video only)

We are always working to improve our software. We prioritise user-friendliness and focus on giving our customers the best possible experience. To that end, we have greatly improved the design and navigation for My[Firm].

Soon, Exact Online Accounting Professional will include a new asset to automatically alert you to administrative changes and errors: Smart Closing! Smart Closing allows you to create an automated checklist. This checklist combines indicators, automatic checks, yes/no questions, document uploads and downloads and more. By automatically executing the checklist, you can be sure administrative controls will be recorded, and know the administration is of good quality.

We have released many new features for Exact Online Annual Accounts. There is a Bridge Statement view available, you can now lock the Column Balance and we have fine-tuned the consolidated statement. There are also more information and filtering options within the column balance, such as customer-specific and more detailed labelling.

Office Management Essentials offers you an integrated solution to securely manage and exchange documents. For each client, a single file with a fixed structure contains all relevant documents with the correct meta data. Folders and documents are linked to ensure that everyone uses the latest document version. This Document Management system is specially designed for accountancy. You benefit from Microsoft SharePoint’s secure environment and the DMS is compatible with all Exact Online accountancy suite solutions.

Exact Online Wholesale Distribution

Unnecessary and manual actions cost time and can lead to errors. That’s why we’ve further improved Exact Online’s digital warehouse with various handy new features. For example, you can now pick and pack orders more easily, we have improved the functionality for warehouse movements, you can print warehouse movements at the press of a button and immediately see who has used the app to perform an inventory count. We have also improved the replenishment process for standard storage locations to allow for more efficient order picking.

This new import and export function makes it even easier to import large orders from .csv files, for example. While previously, you could only enter orders manually, you can now use Excel files to import or export orders as well.

We have added new filters and columns to the sales and purchase order overviews. These are “Selection code” and “Delivery method” for purchase orders and “Sales channels” for sales orders. The new fields and columns are not displayed by default, but you can customise the page to make them visible.

Exact Online Manufacturing

You can now view all documents linked to a shop ticket directly. That way you can access important information faster. Previously, to consult these documents, you had to navigate to the relevant section such as Routing or Materials. Now you can now look them up quickly by opening a Shop Ticket and going to the Documents tab.

We’ve taken Exact Online’s MRP functionality to the next level. You can now create MRP scenarios to specify what should be included in an MRP calculation and how this should be executed. MRP scenario calculations have become more flexible. You can set up different scenarios to see how each scenario would affect your production or purchasing. MRP recommendations are also clearer, as all recommendations are now presented in one overview. And in Exact Online Manufacturing, you can now perform MRP calculations for bills of materials at multiple levels, not just the top level.

We have improved the “New Project” page, with the last code used now displayed next to the Code field. This is particularly handy if you are creating a series of new projects and need to track which projects you already created.

Exact Online Wholesale Distribution/Manufacturing Premium (Dutch video only)

In the Premium editions of Exact Online Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing, you can adapt the software to your preferences. Add fields with logic, menus, filters and other elements. You can use these additional fields in sales order lines, purchase orders or for your products, for example. If you add information to a sales order line, you may want this to be displayed later in the process as well. For example, in the associated invoice or order. Now you can.

In the Premium editions of Exact Online, Flow eliminates manual actions. You can now automate the entire process from ordering, to the release to the scanner, to creating and sending invoices. You determine the conditions for this process. Concentrate on the exceptions and save yourself some time!

The Premium editions of Exact Online offer many extras for smart inventory management. We already added the option to reserve stock for specific sales orders previously. With this release, you can now also reserve stock by shop order. Handy if you’ve purchased products specifically for a certain customer. This way you can avoid disappointing them!

The Premium editions of Exact Online Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing offer you even better insight into your company’s performance. The included Exact Online Power BI Connector gives you direct access to all your data from Exact Online. We recently added a new Power BI dashboard for your warehouse. This gives you a clear, visual impression of how things are going. It shows location usage, routing, executed pick orders and much more. Want to know more? No problem, as you can adapt the dashboard according to your preference. Your data, as you prefer!

Exact Online Construction

We have improved the integration between accounting and project administration. You can now specify which specific purchase journals you wish to synchronise yourself. Previously, all purchase invoices were sent from Exact Online Accounting to project administration. Now, you can decide which journals to include in an exchange yourself. That way, you can be sure only project-related purchase invoices end up in Exact Online Construction’s project administration.

A new overview provides insight into all payment statements for all your projects. Payment statements allow you to forward costs or work performed on a project to the receiving party. Each payment statement must be approved by the client before you can send the invoice. With these summary lists (for either time and expenses or activities) you can work more conveniently and monitor the status by payment statement without looking up each project separately.

You now have the flexibility to customise your menu to your personal preferences. This allows you to decide which menus you do or don’t want to see. We’ve also added a handy search function to help you find what you’re looking for faster.

Exact Online No Hands Accounting

You can now define your own invoice descriptions for posting proposals based on available invoice data, for both scanned invoices and e-invoices. For example, you can opt to have descriptions include the contact name, invoice number and invoice date, in your desired order. With this new feature, you can perform analysis and monitoring tasks even more efficiently.

You can now add cost centres and cost units beforehand. Adding cost centres and cost units in advance allows for the generation of even better posting proposals. If you are using one of our Industry Solutions, you can indicate projects in advance as well. Adding cost centres, cost units and projects is possible when using the Scan service in Exact Online to upload invoices. If you forward your invoices to the digital postbox, you can now also include the cost centre, cost unit and project in the subject line to have the posting proposal take these into account!

Exact Online HR & Payroll

From now on, Exact Online HR & Payroll offers you insight into all the new leave-related features specifically aimed at building up the right leave balance.

We have added a new type of expense claim for daily allowances.

We have simplified the payroll tax return process, especially for companies that must take into account R&D tax credits, light goods vehicles deducted at source and the like. Such items can now be entered either beforehand or afterwards, simplifying the return process.

Premium editions of Exact Online

In the Premium editions of Exact Online, you can flexibly create additional buttons or menus that link to other applications or web pages. There are two versions: static links and dynamic links. Static links always stay the same, a Power BI report for example. Dynamic links can also include parameters such as customer or project codes or dates. This allows you to link a Power BI report to a specific project or customer. That way, your colleagues have direct access to customer or project-specific reports.

Exact Online Projects

It’s happened to you. Someone changed a project’s end date or price agreement, but who made the change? To give you that insight, the checklist has been expanded to include project data. This list immediately shows you old and new values for changed projects or budgeted activities, for example. You can also see who made the change and when.

You want your time registration to be accurate and complete. Exact Online Projects can help. It gives you an overview of recorded hours worked and the schedule. If any hours are missing for a certain period, you can simply send a reminder. You can now adapt this email to use your own layout. Are the recorded hours incorrect? Again, you can improve your communications around rejected hours by using an email with your own layout.

You can now quickly check and approve the hours worked via the app. This gives you direct insight into the timesheets and accelerates the process from time registration to invoicing and project monitoring.

Exact Online for Subscription Management

You now have the option to reuse the last invoiced period for a subscription when creating a credit invoice. Previously, ‘Invoiced to date’ could not be reused for credit invoices. This meant that in the event of an incorrect invoice, you could not create a new invoice for the same period. Now you do have this option. You can choose to skip the period or reset the ‘Invoiced to date’.

Exact Globe+

Exact Globe+ has been built using completely new technology. This makes it possible to move the technology forward. One of these advances is the availability of Exact Globe+ as a 64-bit application. This benefits the solution’s scalability. It also speeds up importing or processing of large amounts of data. Furthermore, 64-bit allows for better memory management, creating an even more stable solution. Thanks to these and other technological innovations, your organisation is ready for the future with Exact Globe+!

With Exact Globe+ you can count on continuous updates on pending changes to legal requirements in many countries. You will receive product updates with improvements and changes each month to make sure you comply with the legislation of the countries in which you are operating. Among other things, we have been working hard in recent months to prepare Exact Globe+ for a legislative change in Poland that will require all taxpayers to use the KSeF national electronic invoicing system from 1 July 2024. We have of course implemented many other changes for various countries as well.

Exact Globe+ now has an updated email engine. We have tweaked its operation and implemented many requested features recently. In addition to emailing documents, you can now add attachments directly. You can also send collective invoices as one email instead of in separate emails. With these and other innovations in Exact Globe+, we are fulfilling many of our customers’ most frequently stated desires!

Exact Globe+ has a new and modern User Interface. We are continuing to improve this interface. With this release, our users have even more options to customise their experience to their liking. You can adjust the row height of your input lines. This means your screen can display more information at once. And you can see more quickly what needs to be done. We also increased the contrast and opted for an even more legible font. Finally, the menu structure is displayed in a more compact way. This is handy for organisations with very extensive Exact Globe+ menus. That was you can see all the options right away and don’t have to scroll to get to the right menu.

Exact Globe+ Logistics

Exact Globe+ WMS, additional lines have been added to define when goods should be picked from the pick location versus the bulk location. If a customer has requested a large quantity, it makes more sense to pick full pallets directly from the bulk location. In Exact WMS, you can indicate from which quantities (e.g. boxes or pallets) order pickers should be sent to the bulk location. Now you can also set a threshold for the SKU quantity. That way your order pickers won’t be trekking all over your warehouse unnecessarily. And they can pick more orders in a day. This saves both time and costs!

We have significantly expanded import and export data such as item locations, distances and scan codes. We've also expanded the options for digital connections to other systems such as paternoster storage, shipping solutions, tablets, etc., to include new WMS entity services. Digital networking with other systems is now even easier. This saves you a great deal of time and prevents errors.

We expanded your digital connectivity options in other ways too, of course. After all, good links to other software systems also help make your work faster and smarter. Examples include your website, transport planning solutions and more. While Exact Globe+ already offers many tools to create links quickly and easily, we have now further expanded this toolset. We have added entity services for non-deductible and invoiced VAT, new services for deliveries, returns, changes to purchase orders, sales orders and more!

Exact Financials (Dutch video only)

With this release, it has become possible to calculate and post interest for payment reminders. If a debtor’s outstanding item has exceeded its payment term, you can now calculate a reminder fee, add this to the outstanding amount and note it in the reminder.

You can now specify valid dates for cost centre maintenance. The date validity will then be checked for every action such as inputs, processing and imports for the various modules. If the defined date is valid, you can use that cost centre. If an entry’s processing date falls outside the valid date range, however, that entry cannot be processed.

The latest version of Exact Financials allows reports to be sorted in both ascending and descending order. As standard, the grouping and sorting fields in the report criteria tab are displayed in ascending order. Use the right mouse button to set the displayed order to descending instead.

Exact Synergy

You can now add signature fields to requests in both Exact Synergy and the Exact Synergy app. Many users asked for this feature, to act as proof of services provided or proof of movement of valuable items. Authorised users can add and configure the signature field in the request type.

As of this release, you can easily add emojis and links to messages and comments in the Exact Synergy timeline. This makes collaboration more fun and improves users’ ability to express emotions in Synergy. Links are also shown as clickable, allowing readers to navigate to web pages more quickly.

Before, you had to use the web version of Exact Synergy to upload a profile picture. As of this release, you can also upload profile photos in the Exact Synergy app. Nice and easy.

Exact SRXP

Previously, exchanging claims from Exact SRXP to Exact Globe+ required a file transfer. Thanks to an improvement in the latest version of Exact SRXP, it is now possible to automate this process using ELIS. The link also provides for the exchange of claim images, allowing you to view these in Exact Globe+ as well.

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