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Get to know the latest features introduced in the Autumn'22 Release. Click on your Exact solution in the menu to see which improvements and upgrades have been made. Want to read the release notes? Check them out on the support portal.

Exact Online Accounting

If you have many recurring entries, you can now copy them over and over again. One example would be the monthly rent for your business premises. No Hands Accounting allows you to create these entries automatically. You set the desired frequency and the period in which this should happen in advance, and let our accounting software do the rest!

You can now enter the falling value of your assets fully automatically with periodic depreciation. One example would be the value of computers or your business premises. No Hands Accounting enables you to register this data with ease.

Every business owner or accountant has to copy a general journal entry every now and then. You can now easily duplicate these yourself to reduce your manual input and save a lot of time. You can also change the entry you created afterwards. Thank you to all the users who voted for this idea on the Support Portal.

Exact Online Accounting

Exact Online Accountancy

You can now register a team of employees even more quickly on a central customer card. This is handy for monitoring progress and closely following up on your services. The contacts card has been expanded to include internal customer notes and now shows these notes in linked accounting companies automatically.

You can now also send secure and real-time invoices over the Peppol network with the My[Firm] invoicing module. Directly from one accounting system to another – convenient for your customer and for yourself. Log in to the Peppol network via My[Firm] and relegate invoice scanning and manual invoice entry to the past.

Exact Online Accountancy

Wholesale Distribution Premium

The Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Premium edition is available in a Controlled Release in the Netherlands. This allows growing companies with many transactions and advanced processes to benefit from the scalability, security and insights Exact Online offers. The Premium edition offers extensive functionalities, including: built-in, customisable Power BI dashboards, the possibility to add your own fields to entities and transactions, intelligent process automation and there's much more besides!

Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Premium has built-in, customisable Microsoft Power BI dashboards, so you no longer have to fetch information from separate systems. You steer your business on facts, clearly presented in the way that suits your business.

Flexible order management, stock reservations and advanced MRP are just a few of the powerful features of the new Premium edition of Exact Online Wholesale Distribution. This will make sure you get things right for your deliveries and you will never have too many assets tied down in stock. Meet your customers' rising expectations with Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Premium.

Handel & Productie Premium

Wholesale Distribution / Manufacturing

You can store quantities with three decimal places, so you can register your incoming and outgoing flow of goods as accurately as possible. This is certainly useful for bulk goods or high-value goods, for example. You can customise this setting for each administration. Do bear in mind that once you have set this, you can't change the setting again.

If you want to make adjustments when visiting a customer or on the go elsewhere, you don't always have a laptop or desktop to hand. That's why, from this release onwards, it is possible to enter and change orders in the Exact Online app. You can view and edit existing orders and create new ones.

You can now easily maintain an overview when creating a single collective invoice for several orders. You can immediately see which line refers to which order and you can open the orders directly from the invoice. A new column will also show you a link to the order in question for each line.

Handel & Productie

Exact Online Projects

You can now determine which billing method applies to each activity in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in Exact Online for Projects. For example, for a fixed project price you can easily indicate which components are covered by the fixed price arrangement and which activities are to be invoiced with cost-based pricing.

Available mid-October

You can now also record additional information per cost item in Exact Online for Projects to improve your expenditure budgeting. You can also create a purchase order for your supplier that is directly based on this budget.

Available mid-October

You would like to see who is involved in which projects. That's why you can now easily add employees as project members and indicate what hour types they are allowed to enter. It has also become even easier to get an overview of who is involved in which projects.

You can now directly assign turnover to an employee for projects with cost-based pricing. Knowing who generates what turnover makes it even easier to group and analyse revenues and expenses.

You can now accurately follow up the productivity targets by indicating what percentage of workable hours should be billable for each employee. The workable hours are based on the schedule hours minus the public holidays for that period. This is very useful for agencies that measure employee productivity based on the number of billable hours in a given period.

The timesheet is a transparent way of showing the hours worked before you invoice them. We have improved this timesheet. It is now possible to simply ask the customer to sign a timesheet to accept it. This can be done in a browser on a PC or on a mobile device.


Exact Online Construction

If your organisation has several branches, you can now specify from which branch an email should be sent under email settings. In that case, select Branch as the sender type. If your email is using enterprise data tags, the data from your branch will be used for this.

You can now separate contract variations from your normal activities. We have added a new overview that quickly and easily shows you the status for each line. You can use it to manage and invoice any additional work and make change requests.

It is now possible to create an instalment plan directly from a quote. To do this, you turn on the option 'Instalment plan for payment statement accepted' as soon as the quote turns into a sale. After that, an instalment plan will be generated automatically in the payment statement.


Exact Online Debtor Management

For some companies, reminders have to be sent to a specific contact, department or branch. It is now possible to set contact details for credit control as well as a different billing address. This makes sure your reminders are delivered to your customer in the right way and will increase your chances of a quick payment.

You can use communication scenarios to create automatic call tasks as well as reminders from now on. After all, phone calls often get quicker results. This makes sure the responsible manager in your company gets a notification when a customer needs to be called and you don't have to do anything. The person can use the same task to record the phone call.

Available soon

A planned reminder can be moved, blocked or unblocked for various reasons. You may have already spoken to the customer and they may have promised to transfer the outstanding amount the following day. Now, you can add this type of important information in a note when you customise a planned reminder to keep everyone in your company up to date.

Exact Online Debtor Management

Exact Online Subscription Management

Exact Online for Subscription Management offers flexible settings for the billing frequency, the length of the subscription period and the terms and conditions. You can also maintain subscriptions that are renewed either automatically or manually. Subscriptions always used to be renewed at the current product prices, but now manual renewals offer an additional option to extend the current price.


Exact Online HR

Receive notifications about special occasions for employees, such as birthdays, ending contracts and work anniversaries. Exact Online for HR now allows you to indicate for which fields you want to receive notifications. This keeps HR employees fully up to date on what's happening with your employees, so that they can take the appropriate action.

You can now have contracts signed by up to three people in Exact Online for HR. Reminders are now also sent if a contract remains unsigned. It is now easier to find contracts and use several cover pages if you are handling the administration for several companies.

Exact Online for HR now offers the option of connecting with Slack and Teams. This makes it easy to see who is present and absent and whether there are any upcoming birthdays. You will also be notified when a new employee starts working for your enterprise. This is a handy way to stay in touch with each other now that so many people are working from home.


Exact Globe+

The upgraded user interface has now been rolled out, it is much simpler to set up printers and print out materials in PDF format, and the production and warehouse functions are available. We have also added many forms of legislation, including Spanish, Thai, Chinese and Malaysian laws. Exact Globe+ is the new version of Exact Globe and has been fully updated.

Updates and upgrades are now easier than ever thanks to the new software installer. Log in to Globe+ with your Exact account and the installer will accept the existing installation settings. You will then be guided through the installation process step by step. You will be informed of our latest innovations while the installation process is taking place.

The printing options have been expanded in the latest edition of Exact Globe+. From now on, you can use the default printer drivers for Microsoft Windows. This makes setting up printers and printing itself far easier when printing in an RDS or Citrix environment, for example. You can now also use other fonts, such as corporate-style fonts and barcodes.


HR & Salaris Gemak

We are working hard to keep the HR & Salaris Gemak solution technically up to date. More than 50% of our customers are currently already using a new calculation engine. We will be transferring all our customers' data to the new engine in the next few months. We will also introduce new screens to create and send returns and process salaries.

In addition to an extensive range of existing connections with pension funds, we now also offer a new connection with insurance company ASR. This makes it easy to link the payroll administration to ASR. This means you no longer have to inform ASR of your changes every time, as this is done automatically.

Exact Gemak

Exact Reeleezee

You can now compare figures in the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account to the figures for another year or period. These overviews in the 'Financial' menu are dynamic. This means that you can click through to the general ledger card, entry, scanned invoice and payment for each item.

The Reeleezee view has been set up with a lot of space for tablet and smartphone use. The 'Compact' display setting has been added to show more information on a desktop screen. The screen will show you more items in the lists of invoices, entries, products, customers, suppliers and dynamic reports than before.

You can easily create and send invoices from your Reeleezee subscription as follows: make sure that the customer is very familiar with your administration and knows the right address and VAT number, and add the delivered service or product to the Products menu with the right (automatically generated) VAT rate.

Exact Reeleezee

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