Exact Autumn'20 Release

You always want to know how your company is doing, the areas where you could be more efficient and the opportunities available to be leveraged. Ultimately, it's about continuing to make progress. At Exact, we understand this. We want to support you in your growth goals, aspirations and challenges. That's why we're constantly innovating, so you can stay on top of your numbers and make the right choices – both now and in the future.

Check out the innovative features from the Autumn'20 Release and benefit from all the new and improved options.

Digital efficiency in your administration with Exact Online

With the latest innovations in accounting, your administration is becoming increasingly automated. This saves you a lot of time and you can focus on what you prefer to do: doing business. But also delivery reliability, insight into processes, no errors and clear communication all help to make you more efficient in your work, boost your margins and enable you to get a better grip on your figures. The innovative new features from the Autumn’20 Release assist you with all this and make sure you are ready for the future.

New add-on – No hands Accounting: efficient, smart and automatic invoice processing

Exact for Accounting

New add-on – No hands Accounting: efficient, smart and automatic invoice processing

Hassle-free accounting: the new add-on No hands Accounting puts this within reach for you. Ensuring your financial administration is up to date and processing invoices are important for every entrepreneur to gain insights and fulfil their obligations. With No hands Accounting, our software takes on many bookkeeping tasks for you and increases the efficiency of your bookkeeping processes, giving you more time for important matters while your financial administration is always complete and up to date.

Exact for Accounting

Instant insight into your financial performance

The Exact Online app provides clear insight into the results for each period. What’s more, we’ve also added insights into the year-to-date results so you know exactly how your business is doing.

Exact for Accounting Based on your idea i

Bank statements reconciled better and faster

Continuous improvement is in our DNA, even when it comes to reconciling bank statements. We’ve made some small improvements to increase automatic processing of bank transactions by 10%. Small changes by us give you more time to focus on your business!

Read the release notes.

Exact for Accounting Exact for Accountancy

Full insight into the status of your sent invoices

Does doubting whether sent invoices have arrived correctly, or wondering whether they have been processed and approved or rejected by your customer sound familiar? If so, you can now see the precise status of your sent invoices if both you and your customer use Exact and are able to exchange e-invoices.

This is possible through what we call Invoice Response Message. This means you know where you stand while you continue to build up your relationship with your customer. And also when you’re on the receiving end, that’s really valuable.

If you work with Exact for Accounting, you’ll need the add-on No Hands Accounting; if you work with Exact for Accountancy, No Hands (Unlimited) is required.

Exact for Accounting Exact for Accountancy

Know when payments can be expected

Gaining an insight into each customer’s expected payment date now offers you the opportunity to take the appropriate action in time. Artificial intelligence is used to create this insight so you can identify bottlenecks in time as well as know when you don’t need to take any action. Exact makes sure you know where you stand.

Exact for Accounting Exact for Accountancy Based on your idea i

A small improvement with a big impact: closing journals

All our customers can submit suggestions for improving Exact in our community via the Exact Ideas platform.

We’ve now implemented one of the most desired ideas from our customers – from now on you can close journals (by blocking them). If you change banks, for example, your bookkeeping in Exact remains just as organised as before. A small improvement with a big impact, and based on input from our customers.

Exact for Accountancy Based on your idea i

Release periods via My[Firm]

As a firm, you can easily share advice dashboards with your customers containing relevant key figures via My[Firm]. What’s more, you can now decide when to release certain key figures after updating the accounts in a given period, which is communicated to your customer automatically. In short, you have more control and your customers see reliable figures.

Exact for Accountancy Based on your idea i

Improved payments in My[Firm]

With My[Firm], your customers can easily settle payments towards their suppliers. It’s now also possible to adjust the payment date, settle partial payments and process credit notes, giving you even more flexibility and accuracy when processing payments for your customers.

Exact for Accountancy Based on your idea i

Improved Activities overview

The Activities overview offers you more control over the relevant tasks and activities that take place when it comes to your firm and your customers. With regard to this overview, we’ve made various improvements. One such improvement is a clearer overview with enhanced filters, where you can filter by a particular activity type or a specific user. It's also easier to go through the various tasks. In short, it’s more flexible and easier to use for both office users and My[Firm] users.

App center

Transparent and secure data sharing

If you want to connect your favourite apps to Exact, use an API to exchange the necessary data – such as customer or invoicing data – efficiently and securely. Exact now makes it clear which data is exchanged between Exact and a specific app. Authorised app centre partners are required to indicate which data is exchanged and cannot exchange other data.

Furthermore, it is now also possible to indicate the specific companies with which data can be exchanged. You can, for example, limit the link with a third-party app to one company. This means we help entrepreneurs to share their data with specific apps in a secure and transparent manner.

App center

New API for synchronisation with Exact

This new API allows you to retrieve all new and amended records from Exact in no time at all. You’ll also be working with other systems and data will be synced in real-time, keeping both systems up to date.

You can also make use of a deletes API that allows you to log deleted records and list them as an entity so developers can leverage this in their own apps.

App center

New apps available in the Exact App Center for the Netherlands

Twenty-four new connected apps have been added to the Exact App Center. Sendcloud, Shopify, DHL, iZettle, Zoho, Pipedrive and more can now be directly integrated into Exact. Please visit the Exact App Center for more information.

Exact for Payroll

Simplified company car administration

The new company car functionality allows you to register cars and link them to employees. We’ve now created a link that means the car details appear when you enter the number plate. It’s also easy to swap cars between employees or log a vehicle without an employee. You can also easily request an overview of the VAT payment for the end of the year. All cars are presented in a useful overview that includes the VAT percentage and the payment.

Exact for Payroll

Perfect absence and leave overview

This overview allows you to quickly see who is absent, on holiday or on another type of leave. You not only have a perfect overview of who’s out of the office, but you can also immediately report sick leave or indicate that employees are on holiday. Finally, you can also approve or reject leave requests instantly.

Exact for Payroll

Communicate with customers quickly and easily

If, as an entrepreneur, you’ve outsourced your payroll processing but want to be in control of the data, your payroll provider can give you a My[Firm] login. This gives you access to your data and you can easily create employees and enter hours yourself.

If anything is unclear when creating an employee or entering data, both the entrepreneur and the payroll provider can send messages to each other via the chat function. You will receive a message notification via the app and can respond immediately.

Exact for Payroll

Document expiry dates

We’ve further expanded our document management system for HR & Payroll. You can now link end dates to documents, which is useful when you’re logging permits or driving licences, for example.

When the end date of a contract is approaching, you’ll receive a notification in the remuneration process management system to inform you that the licence must be renewed or a new permit applied for.

Exact for Manufacturing Exact for Wholesale Distribution Based on your idea i

Digital order picking

Exact's Stock Management app has been extended with an option to pick orders. This expansion works seamlessly with the "To be picked" overview, a fixed value at the heart of Exact for Wholesale Distribution and Exact for Manufacturing.

Use the order overview to instantly see which orders can be fully or partially delivered. These orders can then be released to the Order Picking app so warehouse employees can pick them in no time.

Exact for Manufacturing Exact for Wholesale Distribution Based on your idea i

Clearly state item charges

Deposits on packaging represent an additional cost upon purchase that you must clearly state on the order and invoice. This is not only so you comply with the regulations, but also so the customer knows exactly how much the item costs and how much must be paid in additional costs.

Exact enables item charges to be recorded and calculated per product –handy if a deposit is levied on kegs, trolleys, crates, pallets and (soon) small plastic bottles in the Netherlands.

Exact for Manufacturing Exact for Wholesale Distribution Based on your idea i

Better management of sales, logistics and production processes using selection codes

Having to handle rush orders or handle orders with different priorities? Using selection codes, you can now better organise your quotations, sales orders, purchase orders, work orders and more, helping you to distinguish between different orders. Selection codes are now available in Exact for Manufacturing and Exact for Wholesale Distribution.

Exact for Manufacturing Exact for Wholesale Distribution Based on your idea i

Filter picking list by print status

You can now filter all picking orders by print status in the "To be picked" overview, enabling you to get a quick and easy overview of which jobs have been printed and therefore executed. A small enhancement with big gains!

Exact for Manufacturing Exact for Wholesale Distribution Based on your idea i

Customer-specific information upon order entry

This enhancement provides the answer to a frequently asked question about whether it’s possible to show customer-specific comments when entering an order. Staff can now easily be informed about customers’ key issues, helping you increase your service level.

Exact for Manufacturing Exact for Wholesale Distribution Based on your idea i

Save time and effort by using customer-specific item codes

When customers place an order using their own item codes, it often takes longer to enter orders. However, it’s now possible to process orders using customer-specific item codes – and they can also be used in communications for quotes, order confirmations, packing notes and invoices, making you easier to do business with. Now available for Exact for Manufacturing and Exact for Wholesale Distribution.

Exact for Manufacturing Exact for Wholesale Distribution Based on your idea i

Improved import and export of your bills of materials

A bill of materials (BOM) can change over time. They can also be cumbersome to update, especially if a change impacts several BOMs. It is now possible to export the latest version of a BOM, make an adjustment in an Excel/CSV file and easily import it again as a new version. Furthermore, we’ve expanded the number of fields that can be exported and imported.

Exact for Manufacturing Exact for Wholesale Distribution

Adjustable column width in purchase orders

Thanks to this improvement, you can now easily adjust the column widths of purchase order lines yourself. This improves the readability and convenience of the Purchase order screen, even when the item name is much longer than the width of the column itself.

Exact for Project Management Based on your idea i

Prevent errors with hour-type restrictions per employee

Correcting timesheet errors is a hassle, particularly once timesheets have been invoiced. We’ve addressed this problem by allowing you to specify certain hour types for each employee, helping you to prevent timesheet errors caused by employees selecting the wrong hour types by accident.

Exact for Time & Billing Exact for Project Management

Track project progress via the app

As a project manager, you want instant insights into the current profit margins and expenditure for your projects at all times. You can now view this data via the app.

Exact for Time & Billing Exact for Project Management Based on your idea i

Automatically remind your employees to complete their timesheet

Making sure timesheets are accurate and submitted on time is key for any service business, as this helps you keep track of the time spent on projects and ensure correct and timely invoicing. Having to chase employees for their timesheets or correct errors is a job many would like to avoid.

That’s why, based on customer feedback, we’ve now added a feature so you can automatically send your employees e-mail reminders to complete their timesheets.

Exact for Time & Billing Exact for Project Management Based on your idea i

Allow project managers to approve time entry for their own projects

If you have your hours approved by one of your project managers, it’s now possible to configure Exact for Time & Billing in such a way that project managers may only approve hours entered on their own projects, preventing mistakes and giving ownership to the relevant manager.

Exact for Time & Billing Exact for Project Management

Limit the visibility of employees’ personal data

You can now limit the visibility of your employees’ personal data.

Exact for Time & Billing Exact for Project Management Based on your idea i

Quickly approve time entries per department

If you want to approve time entries for a particular department in no time at all, you can now filter by ‘Department’ on the approval screen.

Exact for Time & Billing Exact for Project Management

Filter projects by status

The longer you use Exact, the more the number of completed (or inactive) projects grows over time. And it goes without saying that you don’t want to be bothered by inactive projects when linking a project to a purchase invoice, as they just clutter your overview. The new project status filter gives you the option to filter projects by status, allowing you to view only active and future projects.

Exact for Project Management Based on your idea i

Work faster by copying planned work

Plan your work and manage resource capacity using the visual planning board in Exact for Project Management Standard. Save time in scheduling work by right-clicking to copy and paste planned activities to another employee or another day. We now also show week numbers in the planning board. Great, right?

Exact for Project Management

Improved exchange of project data

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) helps you to better manage the scope and budget of your project. With the new API, we’ve increased the options for exchanging data in WBS with other applications. Now available for Exact for Project Management.

Exact bouw7

Updated Purchasing module

As soon as you start running a calculation, you’re already busy with purchasing and working out which activities you’ll need to outsource and which materials you’ll need. Using the new Order Lines module, we remove all materials from the CUF and place them in a list for you. You can then select materials and add them to a purchase order, ensuring the right monitoring code is directly linked to the purchase line.

Exact bouw7

Stay up to date with the Notification Center

The Notification Center keeps you informed of activities or tasks that are of interest to you as a user, notifying you when it’s your turn to approve a purchase invoice as an approver or when you’ve been added to a project that you need to carry out urgently. This way, you’re always aware of events that matter to you.

Exact bouw7

Insight into your capacity at all times, wherever you are

Is there enough work for your employees, or have you taken on too much and need to engage subcontractors? Have direct insight into your capacity and manage it with ease using the new capacity planning.

Exact bouw7

Easily exchange information using our open API

Use our open API to link other software packages to Exact bouw7. This allows you to easily exchange information between different software while you continue to work from one environment: Exact bouw7.

Exact bouw7

Automatic workflows for approval

Authorisation is important in many organisations, despite the fact that it creates an administrative burden. To make this even better and easier, we’ve built an automatic workflow to assign approvers automatically for you.

Exact bouw7

Optimised mobile planning

The planning in the mobile application gives users an insight into their agenda anytime, anywhere. You’ll now see even more important information for each plan item, can easily swipe between the plan items and see that functions have been added to the detail screen.

Check all innovations from Exact Online

View the full overview here.

Efficiency and more ease of use

Large and small innovations and new functionalities have been implemented. Their combined aim is to boost your insight, help you work more efficiently and make it easier to use your product. Check out the new innovations that provide you with support, so you can stay on top of your numbers and be ready for the future.

Exact RPA: Your new digital employee

Exact RPA Exact Synergy

Exact RPA: Your new digital employee

Save time and money with Robotic Process Automation for Exact Synergy. Exact RPA helps your company gain insights into data, integrate databases and automate business processes. Say goodbye to repetitive manual operations.

Exact Synergy

What’s new in Exact Mobile?

A completely revamped app: a new modern user interface and integrated CRM and ESS functionality. All in a single app.

Stay up to date with changing international legislation

Exact Globe

Stay up to date with changing international legislation

In an attempt to support economies during the COVID-19 crisis, governments around the world are taking measures that are leading to changes in countries’ local tax regulations. At the same time, a great deal of attention is being paid on the introduction of taxation reforms in response to the demand to make tax digital. These two areas form the basis of changes included in the Autumn Release of Exact Globe, specifically for customers in Poland, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Germany and Spain.

Exact Insights

Exact Insights further increases usability

We didn’t rest on our laurels in 2020, making both major and small improvements as well as adding new features. Watch the video to see how the new features can help you create new insights!

Discover our new Exact Cloud Services

Exact Cloud Services Exact Synergy Exact Globe

Discover our new Exact Cloud Services

Exact simplified and standardized its Cloud Services offering. For all standard solutions from Exact, a suitable model is now available for easy deployment in the Exact Cloud.

Exact Expense Management

Save time and money with Exact Expense Management Essentials and Premium

Exact Expense Management is now available in three options, offering you even more flexibility in supporting your expense process:

  • Essentials for a lean and mean solution per user;
  • Plus with additional features such as extra approval steps and credit card integration; and
  • Premium, which offers an unlimited number of users.

Various new features are also available.

Exact Purchase to Pay

Automate your entire invoice handling process with Exact Purchase to Pay Plus

Optimise processing of incoming invoices with Exact Purchase to Pay Plus. These may be digital invoices via Peppol, UBL or XML, or PDF invoices via the built-in Scan & Recognise functionality. This allows all invoices to be processed within one solution, which will save a considerable amount of time on operational activities processing invoices.

Exact Seasonal Releases

The world is changing fast, and Exact changes with it. In the spring, autumn and winter we inform you about the latest innovations and developments in our products. This is to keep you up to date on what’s new in our software, so you can continue to get the most out of you Exact products.

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