Autumn is here. It's time to forage the latest Exact innovations. We’ve pulled the chestnuts out of the fire for you to save time and work more efficiently. A full overview of these innovations can be found swept together neatly and sorted neatly under 4 themes. Clear and concise. Take a look at our Autumn Release.

Business software

The next step in no-hands accounting

With No hands accounting, accountants have less and less manual accounting tasks. The robot takes over. Discover the most recent innovations that will give you even more time, convenience and advice opportunities.

Digital efficiency for your bookkeeping

We are working at full speed to make automated bookkeeping a reality. Our goal is to save you time while making sure your bookkeeping is always accurate and up to date. Here’s a look at all the latest innovations.

Business software
Business software

Digitising wholesale & manufacturing

Wholesale and manufacturing companies want to be able to deliver their products faster and more reliably. That means there is no time for (work) orders being issued on paper. Get an edge on your competition with easier processes and optimal insight into supply chains and customer needs. Our latest innovations are here to help.

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