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Want to increase your profit through rapid time tracking and billing?

Having time tracking, purchasing, billing, CRM and accounting in a single convenient program minimises the risk of errors caused by duplicate work. Work online from any location – including on your smartphone.

Better control over your time and projects

How much time has been spent, and at what rates? What are the costs and margins? Get your employees to enter their hours each day online. This enables you to directly keep track of how your projects are progressing.

The key benefits

Correct billing on time

Cost and time tracking forms the basis for billing your customers correctly. It prevents you from making any more errors and ensures you will always bill people on time. A constant overview of all outstanding amounts reduces the risk of late payments and enables you to send out payment reminders as required.

Improved cash flow

Hours entered are automatically added to the invoice, which guarantees the information is correct. If you send out invoices that are 100% correct, your customers will pay you sooner. Digital time tracking also cuts down on the amount of capital you have to invest in advance to ensure you complete your project successfully. This has a positive effect on your cash flow.

Send invoices and reminders

Send invoices using your smartphone or tablet too. The administrative side of things is all done automatically. And if you send an e-invoice in UBL format, it will automatically be added to your client's account.

Get things done, wherever you are

Want to quickly turn time into cash? Record your hours directly after completing the project – wherever you are, on any device: smartphone, watch, tablet or laptop. All you have to do is create the invoice. Processing is completed automatically on the accounting side of things. You know exactly how many hours are assigned to a specific project, which maximises your efficiency in preparing invoices and helps you to avoid duplicate work and loss of revenue.

From real-time data to insight

Gain a full overview of your bank balances and purchase/sales figures at a glance. Exact uses data to provide you with valuable insights, enabling you to stay up to date on everything and see exactly where you need to take action.

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  • Gracious
  • MKB Servicedesk
  • BDM

Client testimonialsGracious

We have had a much more comprehensive overview since working with Exact. This is essential for being able to take the next step.

Client testimonialsMKB Servicedesk

The dashboards give me more insight into things like the occupancy rate of the various departments.

Client testimonialsBDM

Simple Simon in combination with Exact Online Time & Billing is perfect. It's easy to use for field staff, and all employees can keep track of their tasks. This saves me two whole days each week that would otherwise be spent balancing the books.

Our solution

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  • Time & Billing

    € 125 per month

    For service providers seeking to optimise their time tracking and billing.

    • 1 user included i
    • 2 time report users included i
    • 2 accounts included i
    • Time tracking via web & app
    • Billing
    • CRM
    • Accounting
    • Link your favourite apps

    A fast, secure cloud solution that evolves with your business. Exact Online forms the basis.

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All subscriptions are excluding VAT. Exact Online can be cancelled on a month-by-month basis.
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Free training & support

Our unique services will help you get started with online accounting quicker than ever before. Look no further to find all the opportunities to get a great head start. Support, training, tailored advice: our services to help you keep an overview of all your processes.

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