ERP software for modern manufacturing companies

Exact ERP software gives you a single solution for your manufacturing processes, order, stock, relationship management and accounting. If you are a start-up manufacturing company or if you need software to support your international operations, choose the future-oriented Exact ERP software.

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Top features

  • Free accounting & CRM, and
  • Purchasing and sales
  • Manage bills of material
  • Prepare quotes and calculations of estimates
  • Plan and carry out shop orders
  • Manage inventory
All features in the Basic version
  • Work with multilayer bills of material
  • Receive by-products
  • Record serial and batch numbers
  • Use multiple warehouses
All features in the Advanced version
  • Sales forecast and master scheduling
  • Schedule material requirements
  • Approve quotes and orders
  • Variable storage locations
  • Digital Order Picking
All features in the Premium version
  • MRP
  • Capacity planning
  • Quality management
  • Field service
  • CMDM
  • Financial consolidation
  • Business intelligence


Users 1 1 1
Accounts 2 2 2
Accounting i
Wholesale i
Create shop orders
Calculate cost price (Manufacturing Advanced: for multilayer bills of material)
Prepare calculations of estimates(time and materials)
Manage shop orders(Manufacturing Advanced: multilayer shop orders)
Record manufacturing time
Outsource work
Link and manage projects
Receive by-products
Receive material requirements over time
Make sales forecasts
Calculate material requirements (MRP)
Variable storage locations
Approve quotes and sales orders
Digital Order Picking i
Capacity planning
Phantom products
Bills of material per warehouse
Spare parts
Purchase contracts
Available to promise (ATP)
Waste & scrap
Dismantling orders
Approve and mark as complete for each processing activity
Master data management
Intercompany logistics (ICL)
Service management
Blank fields
Warehouse management (WMS)
Workflow (BPM)
Extended payment options
International payments

Deployment options

Deployment options A fast, secure Exact cloud solution that evolves with your business. Scalable solution in the Exact Cloud or your own cloud, or an on-premise solution.

Additional prices 

Accounts €14
per month for each extra account
per month for each extra account
per month for each extra account
Users €19
per month for each extra user
per month for each extra user
per month for each extra user

Relevant add-ons

No hands Accounting i from €0.45 per entry proposal (minimum of 10 proposals)
Warehouse management (WMS) View add-ons View add-ons
Capacity planning View add-ons Included as standard
CAD & PDM links View add-ons View add-ons
  All add-ons
Suitable for Basic, Advanced & Premium
All add-ons
Suitable for Ultimate


Accounting is always included as standard with Exact for Manufacturing. The 'Accounting' feature is included for the Basic, Advanced and Premium editions. 'Finance' is the standard accounting feature in the Ultimate edition.

View the features of Accounting

View the features of Finance

Exact for Accounting


Exact CRM is included as standard in all editions of Exact for Manufacturing. The CRM feature included varies depending on the edition.

View the features of CRM
Exact for CRM

Wholesale Distribution

Exact for Wholesale Distribution is included as standard in all editions of Exact for Manufacturing. The wholesale feature included varies depending on the edition.

View the features of Wholesale Distribution
Exact for Wholesale Distribution

Digital Order Picking

With the smart and integrated stock management app you can simple inventory stock and pick orders digitally.

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Digital order picking

No hands Accounting

Digitise invoice processing with Scan & Recognise or receive electronic invoices (UBL via Peppol). Use advanced workflows to streamline your invoice approval process and let a robot handle your financial administration.

Read more about No hands Accounting
No hands Accounting


Do you have any questions about our packages and/or specific Exact functions?
Our FAQ list has the answers you need.

You can use our trial subscription for 30 days free of charge with no obligation. You can also use Exact's support services during this trial period. The subscription will automatically end after this 30-day period unless you specify that you wish to keep working with Exact. In other words, you don't have to worry about any unforeseen fees.

No trial subscription is available for Exact for Wholesale Distribution Ultimate. You may, however, request an online demo. Your questions will be answered directly by a specialist.

The information entered into Exact during the trial period will be stored. As a new customer, you can switch from a trial subscription to a full solution. This enables you to retain all important information and avoid duplicate work. Already an Exact customer? If so, you can simply upgrade your existing solution.

It is entirely up to you. You can cancel your Exact for Manufacturing subscription on a month-by-month basis.

When setting up an account in Exact Online, you complete a number of steps, one of which is "Do you wish to import data from another software package?". If you click 'Yes', you can then import data from various software packages with ease, including: Exact for DOS, Exact for Windows, Exact Globe 2003, Exact Compact 2003, Unit4, Davilex and AccountView. In addition to these packages, it is possible to perform import/export tasks from other packages based on CSV/Excel files.

During implementation of the Ultimate edition, the consultant will decide which data should be imported and how this will be performed.

Exact applies strict security measures. All data from our cloud products is stored in a data centre managed by Amazon Web Services in Ireland. Everything is stored in an encrypted format, with no involvement from anyone – not even when making an emergency back-up. In addition, all Basic, Advanced and Premium accounts have been protected through two-step verification since 25 May 2018 (GDPR). You can opt for Exact Cloud or On Premise with the Ultimate edition. Exact Cloud has been awarded ISAE 3402 Type II certification. This safeguards the security and continuity of our framework, making the Exact Cloud a secure, future-proof choice.

Yes, you can use Exact for Wholesale Distribution Basic, Advanced and Premium on your smartphone, tablet and desktop. An app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The app provides you with a real-time overview of all your data anywhere, any time.

A range of apps is available for the Ultimate edition on iOS, Android and Windows 10. These apps are available specifically for CRM or HRM. A general app is also available that contains all information, documents, workflows and even a social timeline.

Business software

Training, support and consultancy

Our unique services will help you quickly get started with Exact for Wholesale Distribution. All advice options and ways to get a great head start are available here. Support, training, consultancy: our services to help you keep an overview of all your processes.

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