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Exact Online Accounting Essentials

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Exact Online Accounting Plus

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Exact Online Accounting Professional

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Top features

  • Basic accounting
  • App connectivity
All features of Essentials
  • Cost analysis
  • Budget
  • Assets
  • Multi currency
All features of Plus
  • Unlimited bank feeds
  • Unlimited sales invoices


Users included
Plus - Extra account: € 18,50 per month
Professional - Extra account: € 18,50 per month
1 (not expandable) 2 2
Accounts included
Plus - Extra account: € 15 per month
Professional - Extra account: € 16 per month
1 (not expandable) 2 2
Work together online i
Exact Online app i
Tasks i
Save documents digitally i
Download attachmenti


Accounting i
Automatic reconciliation i
Work together with an accountant or bookkeeper i
VAT and ICP returns i
VAT matching checki
Automatic creation of recurring entriesi
Use of approval flowsi
Upload changes to payroll


Sales invoices i 5 p.m. 100 p.m. Unlimited
Reminders and warnings i
Electronic invoices i
Save emailed invoices i


Bank feed 1 5 Unlimited
Receive payments i
Make payments
Direct debit

Insight and overview

Financial reports
Financial dashboard i
Sales dashboard i
Credit check i
Predicted payment date per customer

Additional financial options

Cost analysis i
Budget i
Assets i
Foreign currency i

Client management

Manage client details i
Create client contacts via BCC i
Quotes i
Sales opportunities i
Email and marketing campaigns i

Efficient data exchange

Data import and export i
Link to other software i
App Centre i

Available add-ons

Debtor Management i € 44 € 44
No hands Accounting i from € 0,49 per entry proposal (minimum of 10 proposals) from € 0,49 per entry proposal (minimum of 10 proposals) from € 0,49 per entry proposal (minimum of 10 proposals)
Payroll i € 3,10 per payslip € 3,10 per payslip € 3,10 per payslip
Subscription Management i € 47 € 47

Online collaboration

Work online together with other users – assign tasks, share documents, make entries and more. You can also assign roles and rights to specific users.

Exact Online app

Use the Exact Online app free of charge – available for iOS and Android.


Create tasks and assign them to other users.

Save documents digitally

Save documents online and link them to clients, entries, sales opportunities and more via drag and drop.

Download attachment

Exact Online allows you to download attachments for entries with a single mouse click. You can filter your search if you wish to download only attachments from certain journals or periods.


The no-hands accounting feature keeps manual work to a minimum for your accounts.

Automatic reconciliation of invoices

Have Exact Online reconcile your invoices with your bank statements automatically.

Work together with an accountant/bookkeeper

Give your accountant or bookkeeper direct access to Exact Online. You decide what your accountant/bookkeeper can and cannot do.

VAT and ICP returns

You can complete and approve VAT and ICP returns with Exact Online.

VAT matching check

The VAT matching report compares the amount of VAT declared in your return with the VAT amounts in your financial entries. This report also highlights any deviations.

Automatic creation of recurring entries

Have recurring entries created automatically. You will need only to specify the frequency, period and time of creation (number of days before invoice date) once.

Use of approval flows

Use consecutive approvals in Exact to create flows with approval steps for invoices. You can add up to five steps and select various approval activities. Examples include checking the invoice amount or checking goods and/or services ordered.

Sales invoices

Create and send sales invoices.

Reminders and warnings

Create, send and monitor reminders and warnings.

Electronic invoices

You can scan in and create electronic invoices with Exact Online. We support UBL and PEPPOL.

Store emailed invoices

Automatically save invoices sent by email and process them using Scan & Recognise.

Receive payments

Receive and automatically reconcile payments.

Financial dashboard

A complete visual overview of key financial figures. The dashboard also lists important to-dos and alerts.

Sales dashboard

A complete visual overview of sales and current sales processes.

Credit check

Request credit reports of your clients. A fee applies to this service.

Cost analysis

Allocate costs and income to cost centres and cost units.

Read more about cost analysis


Set budgets and compare them to actual outcomes. This gives you maximum insight into where the money is going.

Read more about budget


With Assets, it is easy to record your assets on the basis of the purchase invoices. You can select various depreciation methods, such as straight-line or fixed-sum. The financial entries are created and processed entirely automatically. Now that is efficient! Watch the video to learn more.

  • Manage your depreciations efficiently and easily online
  • Write off fixed assets down to the last cent
  • Support for various depreciation methods
  • Depreciations are entered automatically

Automatic asset depreciation

Have Exact Online depreciate assets (operating assets, such as laptops and company cars) automatically using your selected depreciation method.

Multi currency

Make entries and invoice products in various currencies.

Read more about currencies

Manage client details

Record client details and register contact notes, service requests and complaints.

Create client contacts via BCC

Create client contacts at the touch of a button via our direct BCC link.


You can create and approve quotes with Exact Online. It is even possible to directly convert a quote into an invoice.

Sales opportunities

Manage sales opportunities and record accompanying contact notes.

Email and marketing campaigns

Manage email and marketing campaigns in combination with Mailchimp.

Import and export data

Import and export data via XML and CSV.

Link to other software

Link software from third parties via web services (API).

App Centre

Professional software from third parties is available in the App Centre. You can link it directly to Exact Online.

No hands Accounting

Save time with automating invoice processing. You can have PDF invoices received by e-mail forwarded to your accounting department automatically with No hands Accounting. Additionally, you can use our mobile app’s scan function to submit paper invoices and receipts digitally. Finally, this add-on can also process Peppol invoices. As soon as an invoice is received, our smart software will enter it into your administration automatically. 

Read more about No hands Accounting

Exact for Accounting


You can manage the entire process: everything from payroll administration to preparing and accessing payment files and returns for payroll tax and pensions. This process is automated, which eliminates the risk of making mistakes by entering information twice.

Read more about payroll

Or add to your subscription

Subscription Management

Want to offer your services as part of a subscription? Subscription Management makes sure your subscription administration is well organised. Set your prices, terms and durations and publish them for your clients, and monitor everything closely through extensive reports (including ones that cover your future turnover).

More about Subscription Management

Or add to your subscription

Exact for Accounting

Exact Online Debtor Management

Automatically issue reminders based on smart software and get paid earlier without jeopardising your customer relationship.

Read more about Exact Online Debtor Management

Or add to your subscription

Exact Online Debtor Management


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You can take advantage of an Exact Online for Accounting subscription free of charge for 30 days. After this period, your subscription will automatically be cancelled, unless you decide to switch to a paid subscription. You may then continue to work in this subscription.

Click on 'Order now' for the desired product. Alternatively, get in contact with one of our sales representatives on 085 - 018 6068 (available weekdays from 9 am to 5:30 pm) or by email at

An account contains all the accounting activities for a single company. If you wish to perform accounting activities for multiple companies, you require multiple accounts.

The number of sales invoices per subscription is per month. You can manage the number of invoices sent in the software. You can see how many invoices you have sent at all times, and if the number of invoices sent exceeds the number included in the subscription, you pay an extra amount per invoice.

The number of sales invoices included in a subscription is per licence. The number of sales invoices in Exact Online for Accounting Plus, for example, is 100, regardless of the number of accounts you have. If you use Exact Online for Accounting Professional, you benefit from an unlimited number of sales invoices.

The number of bank feeds included in a subscription applies to the licence as a whole. It makes no difference how many accounts you have in, say, Exact Online for Accounting Plus – you have 5 bank feeds in total. If you have an Exact Online for Accounting Professional subscription, the number of bank feeds is unlimited.

You can make use of up to 5 bank feeds as part of your Plus subscription. One bank feed equates to one bank account. You can link an unlimited number of bank accounts with the Professional subscription.

No, your accountant can link to your account using their licence. If your accountant does not have their own licence, an extra user profile can be created for them to use.

Yes, a link to your accountant is included in all Exact Online for Accounting subscriptions.

Read all about switching to Exact on this page.

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