How no hands accounting works

With no hands accounting, robots take care of all your manual accountancy tasks. Your clients deliver their paperwork in digital format which is then processed automatically, saving you time while the accounting is done correctly, in full and on time. Find out how no hands accounting works.

No hands accounting

No hands accounting: collaboration online via My[Firm]

With My[Firm], your clients submit their receipts and invoices in digital format using a laptop and a mobile app. They can also approve purchasing invoices and returns digitally, while any questions can be resolved quickly using the chat feature. Your clients have an insight into their results and any outstanding invoices.

No hands accounting: a robot processes invoices and bank statements

Invoices are scanned, recognised and automatically assigned by the robot. UBL invoices are processed even faster still via Peppol. Your bank statements are processed every morning using suggestions for or allocation to the correct general ledger account as provided by the robot thanks to previous transactions, enabling us to help you in serving yet more clients.

Ease of use online for your clients and your firm

Your client provides receipts and invoices in digital format, which are instantly available for processing at the push of a button or even fully automatically.

Huge time savings and higher margins

The self-learning robot processes invoices and bank statements automatically. What is stopping you from setting fixed prices for your administrative services?

No high peaks in capacity

You avoid peaks at busy times and your employees are not burdened with large amounts of administration.

Pleasant and clear communication

You can ask your client questions about bookkeeping, for example relating to missing documents, quickly and easily. We will soon be making 'in-context communication' available via the chat feature on the entry screen.

Real-time insight for your clients

No hands accounting provides both you and your client with real-time insight, forming the basis for advice that ensures you are greatly appreciated by your clients.

No hands accounting

Outsource with Exact Online Payroll

You wish to provide your clients with optimal support for administrative processes so that they can fully focus on their company. With Exact Online Payroll, you are able to take payroll processing out of your clients' hands with ease.

  • Expense allowance regulations, calculation rules, minimum salaries and more than 150 CLAs are always up to date.
  • Communicate with your client and allow changes to be made online via Self Service and My[Firm].
  • Process salaries across multiple companies at the same time and receive alerts relating to required actions.
  • Fully integrated with the financial administration, ensuring the processing for bookkeeping runs automatically.
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