RESTful API now general available

We're pleased to announce that the RESTful API for Exact Online apps is now available, which is good news for app developers. If you haven't come across RESTful before or just need to brush up on it, here’s a quick RESTful 101 to save you the trouble of looking it all up.

Compared with XML based web services, RESTful offers a lean, streamlined and highly efficient way of exchanging data. That’s not only down to the format we’ve chosen, JSON, but also because you can precisely pinpoint the exchanged data. With REST, for example, you can just ask for the account code of a specific customer within Exact Online.

These levels of efficiency provide your app with the capability to consult Exact Online on the spot. The exchanged item might just be a list of ten names and codes for your user, directly retrieved from the cloud.

The RESTful API has used the same standards from the very beginning. These standards have also been adopted by all the major players, leading to a common way of exchanging.

First set of entities available Exchangable topics now provided with the RESTful API includes for example: Accounts, Contacts, Items and Sales invoices. Just check the Exact Online Developers API Reference Documentation for an up-to-date list of topics.

So what’s next? Well, we're planning some major extensions to our RESTful APIs over the course of 2013. Based on feedback from our innovation panels, we have recently focused on making more items for exchange available for reading (GET).