Tips for developers

To try and save you even more time and trouble, this collection of tips and tricks comes from Exact Online app developers, not to mention our own in-house gurus (who we had to mention anyway). Thanks to everyone who sent in their ideas for the benefit of all – and please keep them coming!

Exact Online APIs are written in English. So when searching for a topic it helps to set the language of Exact Online to English, which you can do that through the top right menu.

Some topics can be pretty extensive - especially XML. You can get a clearer picture of what you want to import by creating it manually in Exact Online, filling in the fields with identifiable data and then exporting it.

We also wanted to introduce you to our favourite test REST client. Whenever we experiment with our APIs, we’ve found that Postman REST Client always delivers.

Can you help your fellow developers? Our documentation includes a range of sample apps in different languages. If you have a simple example that you think could be useful to your peers, please do send it to us and we will add it to the list. Better than fame and riches, you’ll enjoy a wonderful feeling of warm satisfaction.