We're not goin' on a summer holiday

The summer holiday is approaching rapidly and so are summer jobs at Exact. That means there’s opportunities for you to work on your career development over summer.

At Exact, students can improve their coding skills. On top of that, you’ll gain valuable experience on cool topics like native mobile app development - JavaScript cross platform if you may - or do user validation growth hacking style. This is particularly interesting for students in Industrial Design and Computer Science. We’re not making this stuff up, we’ve learned it working with your fellow-students over the past years. Several of them continued their summer job on a part-time basis and still work here.

Interested? Come visit us for a free lunch

On Thursday, June 30, we host an open lunch session. Qualified students can casually meet with our specialists. You learn about what we have to offer while enjoying the best coffee of Delft Tech Park.

Date: June 30, 2016
Time: 12.00 – 14.00
Address: Exact office, Molengraaffsingel 33, Delft

20 students - 10 Exact’ers - Lots of Tech Talk: Build the future.

Make sure to contact ARTHUR.FRANSEN(at)EXACT.COM to claim your lunch.

For a complete overview of our vacancies - full or part-time - check

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