Proud, proud, proud partner of Max Verstappen

On Thursday May 12, Max Verstappen drove his first laps in his new car. Three days later he finished first in the Grand Prix of Spain, becoming the world’s youngest driver to do so. The best part is: everybody knows that this is only the beginning.

Exact and Max Verstappen entered into a partnership in august 2015. Off course we knew we signed an incredible talent, capable of great things, but we didn’t realize just how fast he would develop. Within a year, the talent became a winner.

What an epic race

From the moment that Max’s teammate Ricciardo went into the pits in the 43th lap, Max took the lead and we were at the edge of our seats. Being the youngest driver ever to lead the field, would he be able to maintain his position for the next 23 laps? Could this 18-year old stand up to the pressure of former world champion Kimi Räikkönen? Could he be flawless for so long in this car he hardly had had time to get acquainted with? Could this really be happening? Well, it could.

This is only the beginning

Our Max Verstappen claiming victory in the Spanish Grand Prix. What a moment! What a debut for his new team, Red Bull Racing. What an unbelievable display of talent. This is why we are the proud sponsor of fierce ambition. This is why we are proud partner of Max Verstappen. Proud beyond limits.

And the best part is that this is only the beginning.

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