Max Verstappen signs with Exact as Tech Talent Leader

Exact announced today that Max Verstappen, the youngest Formula 1 winner ever, will join the company as a Tech Talent Leader. Verstappen’s involvement with the Dutch tech company begins on June 1, 2016 and will focus on inspiring some of the company’s most promising tech talent.

With Verstappen’s rapidly evolving racing career, Exact sees opportunity to benefit from his personal character and story as a unique way to coach the talent within the company. As an exceptional advisor to Exact’s HR Board, Verstappen will symbolize the importance of creating the right environment to allow young talent to flourish.

Max Verstappen commented: “Talent is important if you want to reach the top. Just like focus and determination. You need to be eager to learn new things and quickly adapt to unexpected situations. No matter how talented you are, you’ll never become truly successful without teamwork and collaboration. Using my own story as an example, I will make clear to Exact’s team that realizing goals is fun but also requires a lot of hard work.”

Erik van der Meijden, CEO Exact is pleased with his company’s latest hire: “We know Max as an exceptionally gifted race driver so I’m certain that he will be a huge inspiration to everyone at Exact. We have several initiatives, like the tech talent program, to feed the engaging environment that enables our people to further expand international success. Needless to say we are always scouting for additional talent to add to the team.”

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