Frequently Asked Support Questions International business

Your business is becoming increasingly international. You import or export products or you have branches abroad. Exact has over 200,000 customers in 110 countries, so we also offer you support abroad. Here are a number of Frequently Asked Questions from our support department.

  1. Is it possible to incorporate Incoterms in Exact?
    Incoterms or International Commercial Terms are international agreements relating to the international transport of goods. Incoterms set out the rights and obligations of the buyer and seller. Some of the Incoterms are focused on maritime shipping, while others apply to all types of transport.

  2. How do I deal with a central warehouse and various different branches?
    E-Intercompany Logistics enables you to quickly and accurately exchange purchase and sales orders between the various branches and the central warehouse. It enables you to create close cooperation between these parties.

  3. How can I use a different language in Exact Globe?
    If you, for instance, employ speakers of a different language, it may be useful to present (parts of) your Exact Globe administration in a different language. There are various possibilities for displaying a different language.

  4. SEPA, in which countries is it supported?
    SEPA stands for 'Single Euro Payments Area' and is the European payment standard that applies for all countries in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

  5. How do I ensure central data management across various branches and countries?
    Companies with several divisions are faced with a challenge when it comes to managing master data across the various divisions. In a situation like this it can also be difficult to reach agreement on the consolidation of reports and analyses. A consistent structure of master data promotes effective company-wide cooperation between individual divisions, thanks to the sharing of capacity, knowledge, employees, products, and even customers and suppliers. This leads to better company-wide results and gives rise to the need for Central Master Data Management. On top of Exact Globe, Exact offers a solution for Central Master Data Management (CMDM) in a central environment (Exact Synergy).

  6. How can I see to shipment tracing?
    E-WMS offers a track & trace option for shipments carried out in Exact Globe with E-WMS. With SSCC Shipment Builder you can:
    • track movements of SSCCs by scanning different sources and targets for an SSCC during the shipping process.
    • validate whether all expected SSCCs are scanned as part of a shipment: based on the assumption that all SSCCs for one delivery debtor and one delivery date are in one shipment number
    • report your scanned SSCC movements based on several SSCC selections
  7. International exchange of electronic data?
    You can use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)to import sales orders and to export delivery notes and invoices. Exact Globe has extra fields that can be used by software partners for the integration of their EDI solution with Exact Globe. The fields have been added exclusively for connectivity purposes and are not displayed on lay-outs.

  8. Is it possible for me to make the B2B e-commerce portal available in several languages?
    In the B2B eCommerce Portal you have the possibility of using several languages for international customers. This document contains an explanation of how you can ensure that you can offer your B2B E-Commerce Portal in several languages.

  9. Is it possible to put foreign language descriptions on your invoice?
    You may have customers who speak a foreign language, who want you to put the name of the item on the invoice in that foreign language.

  10. What you need to know about the statement of intra-Community supplies.
    If you export/supply goods and services to other EU member states, you will need to file a statement of intra Community supplies.

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