Exact Online Project Management launched in the Netherlands

Delft, December 2, 2013 – A lot of companies within the professional services industry deal with margin pressure, increasing customer demand to deliver better quality of work and are in need of stricter project management capabilities. Exact Online Project Management helps project managers, entrepreneurs and employees to get control and gain better insights over current projects, which enables them to be prepared and plan ahead.

The new Exact Online subscription is currently available in the Netherlands and offers:

  • Accounting, time sheets, CRM and invoicing in one solution
  • Project management: Divide projects in smaller subprojects and steer on hours, cost, procurement and margins
  • Capacity planning: Allows companies to see if there are any gaps in the planning
  • Integrated leave and absence registration
  • Project procurement: Follow what purchases are planned for each part of the project and what invoices are received or can be expected
  • Support of services that are paid in terms or in advance 


Through Exact Online Project Management all information is stored centrally in the cloud. This enables entrepreneurs and employees to access data and work anywhere, anytime, both through computers and mobile apps for smartphone and tablet.

Marcel van de Sandt, Product Marketing Director at Exact: “Professional services companies sell time. Hours are their trading stock, but can’t be stored in a warehouse to be sold in a later stage. All unused or unbilled hours are lost. Better insight in available capacity and hours spent will therefore contribute directly to lowering costs and increasing turnover.”

“As an entrepreneur I now have a clear overview of the projects that are possibly risky because they are behind schedule for example”, says Arnout Vree, owner of Avetica. Avetica, who tested the new Exact cloud solution, offers technical and educational services around the open source learning management system Moodle. “Exact Online Project Management integrates project management, CRM and accounting. With all data in a single system the chance of making mistakes is a lot smaller. It also creates an overview of all projects, hours, margins and finances centralized per customer, which gives us the full picture of an individual status.”


Exact Online Project Management is available in the Netherlands as of today and will be introduced in Belgium and UK in Q1 2014 and in Germany in Q2 2014. 

About Exact.

Exact is a leading global supplier of business software. Since we began in 1984, our focus has shifted from supporting financial processes to providing a complete ERP offering for small and medium-sized businesses. Innovative solutions such as Exact Globe Next, Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Online support over 100,000 customers – local and international companies – in the daily management of their business.

Exact develops industry-specific on-premise and cloud solutions for manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, professional services and accountancy. Exact is headquartered in Delft, the Netherlands, and has been listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam since June 1999. The company booked revenue of € 217.1 million in 2012.

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