Exact kicks off its first global hackathon

From Thursday September 22 to Saturday September 24, on five locations around the world, teams of Exact employees engage in Exact’s first global hackathon. Contending teams are faced with the challenge to come up with an innovative idea and to make it work – all within 48 hours.

At Thursday September 22, at 10:00 AM local time in Kuala Lumpur, Exact kicks off its first global hackathon. Following KL’s lead, teams in Delft (NL), Kiev (UKR), Dublin (Ohio, USA) and Minneapolis (USA) will all kick off once their time zones hit 10:00 AM. Exactly 48 hours later, at 10:00 AM local time on Saturday morning, they should have a functioning demo of their idea.

Putting tech curious minds to work

Being a global tech company, Exact thrives on innovation. This global hackathon is a great way to challenge the tech curious minds of our employees to think outside of the box and to come up with original ideas in a fun way. The assignment they’ve been given a very broad assignment: develop anything that is innovative and that benefits Exact and our customers. To reach their goal, they have state of the art technology, methods and techniques at their disposal.

Eat. Sleep. Hack. Repeat

With over 50 teams simultaneously working in the pressure cooker that is a hackathon, sparks of creativity and innovation will be flying wildly. That’s precisely what the global Exact Hackathon is all about: Eat. Sleep. Hack. Repeat.

Visit the Innovation Center

During the hackathon, we’ll be posting stories, pics and movies about all the awesome stuff that’s happening around the globe. 10 local winners will be declared on Saturday afternoon, local time. On Monday September 26, the board of Exact will narrow the selection down to three. These three team will present their demo in the Innovation Lab on Exact Live 2016, in the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (NL). There, our customers will decide by popular vote who wins the global hackathon.

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