Exact introduces Exact Online in France

Solution connects French entrepreneurs and their accountants

  • Exact is a frontrunner in France with business software in the cloud
  • Partnership with accountancy firm SmallBusinessAct; the first business coach in France
  • France is home to over 3 million small and medium sized businesses

Delft/Paris, June 19, 2015 - Entrepreneurs and accountants in France can now support their operation with business software portfolio Exact Online. For Exact, the introduction in France is the next step in realizing its ambition to become a global top 3 player in business software in the cloud for SMBs. France is the sixth country in which Exact Online is available. Over 200,000 companies across the globe already rely on the solution to support their businesses.

France is home to over 3 million small and medium sized businesses. Many of these companies do not have the financial capabilities to make high upfront investments in automation. Exact offers them business software in the cloud that is specifically designed for their needs through monthly subscriptions. This improves their competitive strength as a level of automation can be reached that was previously only available to larger, financially well-equipped organizations.

Partnership SmallBusinessAct
Accountancy firm SmallBusinessAct (SBA), partner of Exact and one of the first Exact Online users in France, focuses on supporting small and medium sized businesses in France with the specific attention of a business coach. SBA goes beyond the book keeping part of business and takes a wider perspective, addressing more elements of running a company. Exact Online enables SBA to incorporate real time business process management around wholesale & distribution, professional services and manufacturing and advise clients accordingly.

Erik van der Meijden, CEO Exact: “In France, we are the first to actually deliver business software in the cloud for SMBs. This is the reason why SBA uses Exact Online to provide business advisor services. Exact and SBA are both frontrunners in France and I am convinced that the both of us will truly make a difference in enabling growth opportunities for local and internationally operating entrepreneurs in France.” 

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