Exact and Eshgro to collaborate with HPE in SME private cloud solution

Exact has announced a collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and cloud provider Eshgro focusing on SMEs globally. The private cloud solution uses the HPE VPC platform and the Bits Fabric cloud services from Eshgro. This combination offers Exact customers worldwide a flexible and secure private cloud solution.

Global and secure support

The Exact applications in the private cloud match the Open Source HPE VPC platform and the Bits Fabric cloud solutions from Eshgro seamlessly. This combination enables straightforward expansion of infrastructure, computing and storage. Thanks to this collaboration, SMEs are supported with the management and security of the business software, so they can concentrate on their core activities. The joint cloud solution also meets the highest security requirements, because this is compliant with the ISAE 3402 type II certification of the Corporate Governance Foundation. Eshgro has held this certification since 2012, which shows that they have their internal processes in good order, meaning the outsourcing risk for customers remains as low as possible.

80 percent see the private cloud as secure

From research carried out by Exact with approximately 400 customers, it appears that the interest in private cloud solutions is increasing among Dutch SMEs. Of the organisations questioned, 30% are open for delving further into private cloud solutions. In addition, 80% of those questioned perceive the private cloud to be safe.

Paul Ramakers, Managing Director Exact Software: “The research also shows that companies are looking for support when ‘switching to the cloud’ with their applications. We are therefore also extremely honoured by this partnership. By using the private cloud, we relieve a company of their IT complexities which means that SMEs both locally and internationally do not have to worry about the continuity, management and security of their applications.”

Exact opts for the expertise and experience of Eshgro

Exact has opted for Eshgro’s private cloud platform because, as a leader in cloud applications, Eshgro has the expertise and experience which matches the strict quality requirements that Exact customers demand. Anton Loeffen, Eshgro CEO, is enthusiastic about the new partnership: “This collaboration offers customers new possibilities; it is now easier for them to integrate Exact applications with Office 365 and other business specific applications. With the partnership, we are also maintaining the highest continuity guarantee for business applications in the cloud.”

Robert Wigger, EMEA Service Provider Business, VP of HPE adds: “Exact customers can now use their ERP software in the cloud, without being worried about requirements or maintenance of the infrastructure. In addition, the collaboration with Eshgro and HPE ensures that Exact reaches new markets with new business models.
Many European ISVs already have confidence in the HPE Service Provider Partner Ecosystem and the ISV2SaaS programme to jointly develop and release cloud products. We are extremely honoured with this partnership.”

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