Exact and Baker Tilly Berk sign a partnership agreement

Exact is pleased to announce the signing of a partnership agreement with Baker Tilly Berk, the eight largest accountancy and consultancy firm in the Netherlands with 17 offices and 700 employees.

Arno van der Heijden, CEO of Baker Tilly Berk, explained the choice. "Exact represents a perfect fit with our strategy to provide clients with well-organised and fully digitised administrations. Our goal is to completely remove the administrative hassle and headaches for SMEs and entrepreneurs.”

An all-in-one approach focused on growth

The agreement is the culmination of Baker Tilly Berk’s long search for the right software to process client administrations. "Exact plays an important role in our new holistic approach: Be in Control,” continued Mr. van der Heijden. “This allows us to offer realtime, efficient and reliable accounting, with 24/7 insight into key data via online dashboards complemented by dedicated business coaches. This all-in-one solution allows entrepreneurs to run their businesses better and respond faster to market developments. "

Stringent selection process

As part of a comprehensive selection process, criteria for potential software partners included the user experience, connectivity to other applications, online collaboration with clients and delegating responsibilities. Exact passed all the requirements with flying colours.

Adding value to both sides

Raymond Schröder, Business Director of Cloud Solutions at Exact gave his view on the agreement. "We are proud that Baker Tilly Berk has selected Exact as a platform for strengthening client relationships. We have found a partner with who we can work to jointly improve the software and meet the evolving needs of larger accounting firms ever more effectively. We truly believe this partnership will add a lot of value for both parties. "

Innovating for the future

Baker Tilly Berk will also join Exact’s Accountancy Innovation Panel. Consisting of several accountancy firms, the group regularly meets to discuss innovations designed to make sure the software continues to meet the requirements of larger firms. Examples include wider access rights and the faster processing of large amounts of entries.

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