Exact among the fastest growing cloud companies in the world

Recent research of PwC puts Exact in the worldwide top-25 of fastest growing cloud companies. Increasingly, customers all over the globe recognize the many perks of cloud computing. Exact has been selling cloud solutions since 2005 and has been showing steep growth ever since.

Faster than expected

In its report , PwC writes that the software subscription model has taken off faster than expected. While customers have strongly accepted cloud computing, forcing vendors rethink what they sell and how they’re paid. They have to think about services and bundles and data more than ever. Moreover, the subscription model puts a premium on customer service.

It’s not a matter of convincing customers

In an interview with PwC, Exact CEO Erik van der Meijden says the success of its cloud solutions has not been a matter of convincing customers: “For years, the software industry has been reluctant to change its successful business model of selling annual licenses, upgrades and maintenance fees. The move to the cloud has been driven by a few very successful companies and suddenly large numbers of customers want to move to the cloud. Functionality is a major argument for many of them, as well as the fact that they no longer need to make upfront investments in hardware and licenses.”

Cultural shift in the industry

The software industry hasn’t seen this kind of cultural shift since the dawn of enterprise applications. The cloud subscription model enables customers to switch products with only a few clicks. This is why Exact has a strong focus on customer engagement and satisfaction. Van der Meijden points out: “We now have around 265,000 customers in the cloud and annual recurring revenue has grown from around €4 million in 2011 to over €50 million in 2015.”

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