Column Max: I can't wait for the lights to turn green

After a three month break, the new Formula 1 season is upon us. The past months have been all about designing, building, testing and training. Max can’t wait to get back on the track and race again.

“This was the first time I experienced the season’s preparations at Red Bull Racing. Of course, this is way better than to get on board halfway through the season, as now I am closely involved in the whole process. Very convenient, as this season’s wider tires impact pretty much anything. Even some factory doors had to be adjusted to the new car.

A lot happened at Renault as well. They provided us with a brand new power unit. I expect a lot of it, certainly also due to the second generation Energy Recovery System. During the tests in Barcelona we didn’t show all we’ve got of course, you’ll have to wait for Melbourne for that.

It’s become clear that the new setup enables us to break later, accelerate faster and take corners at higher speeds. Obviously, that goes for other teams too, which is why some people think we’ll see less overtakes this year. The higher downforce, causing more air disturbance and less grip when you’re behind someone, would add to that. Personally, I think I’ll always keep finding ways to make actions.

The higher speeds means we also experience higher g-forces. So during the past months, I’ve been working out hard to become stronger. I regularly trained for 3 or 4 hours, twice a day. Our mechanics had to go to the gym as well, since they’ll be lifting much heavier tires during the pit stops.

I’m glad the preparation is finished now and we can go racing again. Hopefully I’ll be able to compete for the podium each race and end up top a few times. I can’t wait for the lights in Melbourne to turn green!”



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