Business apps gain popularity within SME sector

Number of apps for Exact Online in the Exact App Center tripled

Delft (the Netherlands), January 23, 2014 - A milestone for software vendor Exact: The number of apps for Exact Online in the Exact App Center (available for customers in the Netherlands) has tripled in 2013 and shows the biggest growth since its introduction just over a year ago. The number of app users increased by a tenfold and the number of software partners offering apps increased to forty. The Exact App Center is an online store with add-ons to the Exact business software, sorted by industry, solution area and product lines. Customers can order the individual apps and install them on top of their Exact solution. 

ERP for SMB market
Small and medium-sized businesses usually have a limited resources available. By using software it is possible to automate a lot of activities and the Exact App Center can help entrepreneurs with this. An Exact Online customer, for instance, can connect more and more relevant apps to his financial software through using the Exact App Center. For example, a retailer is able to connect the POS system to the accounting software for real-time insights in the stock. A manufacturer can choose for a time tracking app on top of Exact Online Manufacturing, which tracks cost prices real-time. Webshop owners can select branch specific apps to integrate their orders and payments into the Exact Online accounting system. 

Branch specific apps
The Exact App Center offers apps in many different categories, such as accounting, e-commerce (webshops), education, wholesale, manufacturing, retail and business services. The so called scan solutions belong to the most popular apps. These apps automatically translate invoices into a proposed booking in Exact Online. Accountants are currently interested in apps that provide additional reporting possibilities and trend analysis they can use to quickly understand the expected business results of a client. This also allows SME entrepreneurs to have an easy and affordable ERP system tailored to the specific needs of the company. 

Martijn Feekes, eco system manager & App Center at Exact: "The rising number of apps in the Exact App Center shows that there is a huge demand in the market. As a result of combining Exact Online with the additional features developed by our partners, entrepreneurs can further develop step by step. Ultimately, we want to make it easier for our customers to try additional software, just through a single click. By using this service, customers can exactly compose the solution they need to stay ahead of the competition." 

About Exact.

Exact is a leading global supplier of business software. Since we began in 1984, our focus has shifted from supporting financial processes to providing a complete ERP offering for small and medium-sized businesses. Innovative solutions such as Exact Globe Next, Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Online support over 100,000 customers – local and international companies – in the daily management of their business.

Exact develops industry-specific on-premise and cloud solutions for manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, professional services and accountancy. Exact is headquartered in Delft, the Netherlands, and has been listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam since June 1999. The company booked revenue of € 217.1 million in 2012.

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